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Payza on Wodlinx no more

Are you wondering why you can't buy anything from Wordlinx using Payza funds?

It's very simple, Payza have withdrawn their services for all UK-based users. I'm guessing that Wordlinx didn't have time to remove all of the Payza buy buttons on every page yet and that's why we still see them.

Well, this makes me worry about Payzas future. I haven't been able to withdraw my funds in a very long time now and less and less sites are letting users use Payza as the payment alternative.


PTC Profit Booster 2.0

PTC Profit Booster website has been offline for more than 2 weeks now but the rumors are out saying that it will return with a new version of the book 2.0.

PTC Profit Booster will be an updated version of the old book with extra useful information for new PTC earners.

2.0 will cost more and that way let PTC owners and bloggers earn much more per sale, 2x of the previous comission. That is something that bothered many PTC admins choosing clickbank products to promote but now it's solved.

When the book will be released is not clear yet but it will be soon.


New version of PTCEvolution

Alright, here is a second email I've received from PTC Evolution about the new script release v4.


I'm happy to introduce the new version of PTCEvolution, we have important changes and new features for this version

Egopay added
SolidTrustPay added
Alertpay changed to Payza
Admin can login as a member to give a better support
Admin can select the memberships on creation of PTSU
Last click date for direct referrals fixed
Forum post fixed
Forum signature added with bbcode
Forum groups with new permissions
Upgrade with purchase balance or payment gateway added
Multi-administration with permissions added
Admin can set referral prices and autopay for each membership
Forum permissions fixed
Maximum withdraw per day added for each membership
Admin login log added
Forum enhaced
Admin dashboard enhaced.
Now admin can change the department name of support center
Members manager enhaced
Advertisements manager enhaced
Orders manager enhaced
Deposits manager enhaced
Withdrawals manager enhaced
Support manager enhaced
Settings enhaced
Small bugs were fixed.

Details of demo are in

I tried to add the features requested by the customers but maybe I forgot something.

If you have any feature in mind or you find a bug in this new version, please open a ticket on

When customers finish to review this version, it will be able to download

Mathias L.


PTC Evolution version 4 - comming soon!

A newsletter was sent earlier today about the upcomming new version of PTCEvolution PTC script.


I'm happy to announce the version 4 of PTCEvolution that is coming with new features, new layout and much more.

The official launch of this new version will be on this friday, November 23th.

If you do not have a license yet, you can purchase a new one with a 10% off, contact us via support ticket for more information.

Keep tuned!

Mathias L.
PTCEvolution Owner



Moving to Wordpress

The best PTC sites blog, this one, is going to move from blogger to Wordpress in the near future.

This will allow me to controll more of the design and content.

Blogger is a good blogging platform to start your blogging carrier but it's no good once blog grows and you have to manage a lot of content. This blog has more than 200 posts and needs proper categories and tags. Good plugins and 301redirects for content that no longer exist.


BuxP updates 09 23

Here are some news from BuxP:

1. TOS 7.2 change


"It is not allowed to promote your referral link in any Asian or Slavic based language."


"You are allowed to advertise your BUXP referral link in any language, but should we come to the conclusion that your referral base is not differentiated at all and/or of low quality, we may terminate your account after paying out your current earnings and investments."

Notice the "low quality, we may terminate"... So basicly this is for blogs that promote ptc sites for people that don't even understand english. Trust me, there are many chinese sites, blogs and forums where they have a picture (screenshot) of registration page and there they translate every single field into chinese. Why do you think so many PTCs ban members from China?

2. Lower cashout minimum

Cashout limits were lowered for premium and standard members. From $7.99 to $6.99. Those few that had $17.99 also got a $1 reduction to $16.99.

Good news for us the members and earners. Lowered minimum is something we have seen a lot of lately. Wordlinx and Clixsense were also forced to lower the minimum earlier this year.


Free Internet for everyone!

I just noticed that there is a swedish company offering free mobile Internet to everyone in Sweden! Instead of paying a monthly bill, you will see some ads from time to time.

Yes, it's true! The company is called Joors and for a startup fee of maybe 60euro you will get USB modem and a SIMcard that you can use to surf online FOR FREE!


I don't think this is available worldwide yet, only in Sweden for now, but I'm sure that it one day will or a new company will start providing a similar service in other countries.

Internet fee is very high for many families and that's one of the reason many people use PTC sites, to pay their Internet bills. With this they won't need it anymore and can spend money earned from PTCs on something else. It's an amazing time we are living in! :)


Lost $9

Aww, just noticed that I lost around $9 at Clicksia..

How? Well, I wasn't upgraded and just earned 10% from clicks and 0 from sales.

This teaches us a lesson, always upgrade at trusted sites for a longer perioud and make sure to have atleast 30 days remaining of your upgrade or else it's easy to forget and miss a lot of money.


A million page views!

Thanks everyone for reading this blog and subscribing and even following Facebook page.

I just checked statistics, this blog was visited more than a million times. 1369382 pageviews is what blogspot is showing, and I'm not even sure if it tracked all of the visitors from the start or just after the recent update of blogspot blogging platform.

Once again, thanks! :)


Frame breaking, not for PTC websites

This week implemented frame breaking code which means that this website is no longer good to earn from using PTC and traffic exchange websites.

Sadly I never had enough time to earn enough to reach the minimum payout and could not see if it was scam or not.


New site that I'm testing..

I'm testing a new site like and linkbucks where you shorten an url and share this link to the public. Everytime some one go to the link, they will first see an ad in a few seconds before they can access the content they were originally linked to.

Many claim it's a scam site, well I don't know about that and that's why I'm testing. It's also interesting to see how they react to PTC traffic as they don't have frame breaking code at the moment. Another site that started like that with high paying rates was and it's still paying but now with frame breaking urls and lower pay rate.


Password recovered at Cashcamel

Update! I received a new password from cashcamel.

I used earnmoneyspace forum to contact admin there. He responded that I should have already received the email, well I didn't so I asked for a new password and got it very fast.

So if you experienced a similar problem, could not receive password within a few days via the official recovering system, email cashcamel first and if not do what I did and go to earnmoneyspace :)


300 000 members - BuxP

BuxP announced in the latest newsletter that it has grown to more than 300 000 registred members in the last 4 years of its existence.

Congratulations from me and a lot of active users! Let's hope that more site in GPT industry will become as successful.


Back on Google!

Looks like has been forgiven by Google and it's back showing as a top result whenever a PTC related search term is searched. Earlier this year blog was hit but Penguin update, this blog had some old low quallity links (or it could be that the term P T C was mentioned too often). Either way, Google loves me again :)

That is really great and motivates me to be more active and update more. I'm also happy to see so many followers I've gathered through all these years although I've sometimes been very inactive like this summer when I was in Malta and Spain.

More updates, so many updates! Also check this useful post at PPlinx if you are new to PTC site advertising or already do without knowing much about it. It's about Google Adsense vs PTC traffic.

Update on Cashcamel

Well, being the top referrer at CashCamel and emailing 2 times many days ago I still did not receive a new password although it's stated that everyone will receive a response within 24 hours.

Now if I didn't get a response, that also means that my referrals probably didn't get a new password. The referrals that actually cared to ask for a new email, most of the ptc members are probably too lazy to do that.

In other words, my downline is very much inactive by now even if I get a new password and that is sad. I liked the site and liked how the Admin was trying hard to reach to new people with all kind of advertising and social media activity.

PTC Investigation did not report this event at all, as far as I can see, and that worries me a little. Does that mean that I'm the only one or that people don't care to complain although they love doing it to other sites? ^^

I will update again if something new happens.


Can't login at Cashcamel - 26 aug

So I tried to login at Cashcamel but couldn't, instead I saw a message:
"Trouble With Login? I am here to help! Send me an e-mail"

Did I fail? Did I type wrong password or username? Was the site hacked?

I clicked at a link leading to start page and refreshed with f5.

"Trouble With Login? I am here to help! Your Account is Fine. You just need a password reset. Send me an e-mail.. I'll will respond to your e-mail within 24 hours! CLICK HERE!Check Out the Breaking News! 1/2 Priced memberships and more! CLICK HERE!"

Okey, so it wasn't only me. Seems like many or everyone needs to recover password before logging in at Cashcamel. I'm not sure why but the site's database has crashed before and lost some data. I just hope it wasn't hacked. I looked at their forum but it seems to be closed or something, and there is nothing about this at their blog.

Anyway, let's hope that Cashcamel will recover from this.


Why I love purchase bonuses

I just want to show my purchase bonuses from referrals and why I love them so much.

Here are a few from Clicksia:
Yesterday One of your referrals purchased something, you received a bonus of $6.2500
12 Jul 2012 One of your referrals purchased something, you received a bonus of $2.5000
27 Jun 2012 One of your referrals purchased something, you received a bonus of $2.5000

Of course I had many more purchases but often only $0.2, these 3 were extra high.

Although I don't use Neobux anymore I did earn a few bonuses there as well. Sometimes up to $20 :)

So don't just look at how much you can earn from PTC section, often you can also get a small comission from sign-up section as well.


The Botting Network "TBN" Hacked!

The Botting Network aka TBN has been hacked and hacker or hacker gained access to their database with usernames and passwords.

Sometimes I do belive in god and this is just the case. There are so few legit, honest admins spending a lot of their time with their loved PTC sites and paying to everyone yet some people always have to destroy and ruin it for honest people.

The Botting Network members are speading cheating softwares, autoclickers and other stuff. They don't care about anyone but their own asses. It's easier to get money by actually earning them with hard work, freelancing online or doing other simple tasks yet they rather cheat for little money than earning bigger money like everyone else.

I'm sorry but if you are going to get hacked by hackers who hacked this hacker community The Botting Network, you more than deserved it. Also use unique passwords next time because even PTC site databases are often getting sold to not so serious people who abuse the database.

Teabux scam or legit?

Teabux, is it scam or legit? The only reason I use word scam or legit in the title is because that's what people are searching for today to find out how legit a site is, or if it's a simple scam.

Anyway, Teabux is not scam but is now closed. Domain does not redirect you to Teabux anymore.

Teabux closed a few days ago due to members inactivity and no income for the last few monthes. Site slowly died and became inactive after a change of click rates made a year ago. It was labeled as scam at many so called PTC monitors and could never recover from that.

I think it's worth to note that all of the pending payments were paid before Teabux closed and the reason "inactivity, lack of income" is very legit. It was not a "car accident" :)

Site will be removed from this blog's recommended PTC sites.


Time to get back!

Hi guys, sorry for inactivity. I've been away for some time, busy working with web analyzes and search engine optimization. I also visited Malta for a week, was very hot.

Anyway, I'm going to start updating this blog again. Currently I can recommend registering at CashCamel, cool little aurora site with $0,01 minimum or something.

See ya soon!


Congratulations Alalona!

Congratulations Alalona! You've won a Clixsense upgrade for free from me! :)

So I was looking at the pending comments on this blog and saw this comment:
"Plase, upgrade me in clixsense i´m alalona, and i´m full active there!!!!"

At first I thought it was a troll, trolling me as always with some spam links but I still checked and yes! Alalona was really active, almost 9000 clicked ads with an average of 19.

As some of you know, I upgrade active referrals in my downline for free as long as they are active and maybe get a few referrals under them. So if you want to be the next Alalona, be sure to join Clixsense under me and be active! :)

It's time to quit neobux

Neobux has been my favorite ptc site for years, instant payments and high earnings not to mention great referral earnings. But that changed last year and the last few monthes it was nothing but a pain to earn at Neobux.

So yes, I've now quitted Neobux. I've been clicking at Neobux for almost 3 years almost every single day just to earn from referrals the next day like a slave to the code. But now when click rates are much lower, referral earnings are lower too and upgrades still cost a lot, it's not worth it anymore.

$90 upgrade for more slave work another year every single day to earn from referrals, honest referrals referred from sites without any refback offers. I would never let other PTC sites treat me like Neobux does so why would Neo get away with it?

Today Clicksia is one of the greatest sites and bux sites are more or less dead. Atleast I haven't seen a good one for ages (ages =  almost 2 years now). Buxes are dead, deal with it.


More about sport betting

Hi, this is just a quick post with some extra information about Sport betting that I did not include in the last post Bet365 the easy cash.

If you are betting and become good at it, winning a lot of cash like I did, after a while you may start betting stupid. You may want to start betting at unior matches where kids are playing, some random matches with countries you never heard of etc etc just to keep betting and winning. That's is very bad for you.

Bet365 is one of the most popular betting sites out there with a lot of games and live stream but once in a while they stop showing the good stuff like Sweden with England fotboll, instead they show African countries playing fotboll and often without live stream. You don't know how well they play or how good the teams are but you still bet because you have grown a need to continue betting and winning because of how well you did the last week or longer periods of time. That is something you should avoid at all cost.

To continue winning majority of the games you should only bet at games where you either know the teams or if you can follow game live either on the betting site or your TV. Because to win with skill, not luck, you need to know something about the game before betting or else you will one day run out of luck and start betting with bad odds and lose many times in row until all of your money are gone.

I must admit, I've lost some money like this but I'm still in profit because I've managed to controll my need for more games to bet at. I think it's something everyone needs to deal with if the first weeks of betting earned a lot of money and I'm happy that I'm done with that.

Tomorrow VM will start, many new games where I can predict the winners based on their performance in the past and how well they play while I watch the match live. If you will be betting like me, I can only with you good luck and don't forget to controll yourself, don't bet at random games or you will lose.

Earning money in Casinos playing Roulette

So I've blogged about Sport betting but another popular gambling alternative is playing Roulette, if you bet on red or black it's almost a 50% chance to win so what can go wrong, right? Or?..

Every Casino needs to profit and everything works as following, they give some to take some more. For example, at sport betting some people are winning while others are losing. The betting odds are changing depending on how people are betting, if a bet is popular the win rate will drop while the less popular choice will give you more money if you win. Roulettes are a lot like that.

There are two types of roulettes, one is live roulette where young girls from Latvia and China will smile at you while you lose your money and there is thing other roulette where you play with computer. Computers are tricky, they will study you playing tactics and give you some games to win and later hit you with a losing streak.

So the big difference between playing live roulette and computer roulette, is that the next winning number is counted differently. When you play alone with computer, it will give you some winning games and later hit you with many lost games. So the best tactic playing with computers is Hit and Run, win a little and run as fast as you can! When you play live, you are placing bets together with many other people who are playing live on the same roulette. It's still a computer you are playing against but the computer is no longer looking only at your bets, it will look at everyones bet. The winning colour will be the less popular choice so that casino will earn money and can afford to give higher winning prizes. The best tactic here is also Hit and Run because sooner or later you will lose and the more you bet the bigger is your chance to lose but also try to place bets on numbers or colours that other people are NOT betting on. Often it can be 7 red numbers in row and people think that the next number will be black, often they are wrong because the roulette computer can see where majority is placing their bets.

Anyway, I hope this information was useful for some of you. Just keep in mind that sooner or later you will lose, never bet more than you can afford losing and use Hit And Run tactics. Don't play at roulettes or slot machines that you already won at, I belive that the casinos online are saving your history and make you lose depending on how well you are doing.

Sport betting is still the safest online gambling because you can win with skill to calculate probability, you can't do the same with roulettes because it's all fake. They are programmed to earn for Casinos.


Bet 365 - the easy cash! ;)

So Google thinks that I'm blogging too much about ptcs so I will post something different from time to time more often than before.

Today I just want to post a quick post about Bet365 where I made a lot of money the two weeks I played. From $300 to $1100 in just two weeks!

Bet365 is a site where you can earn moeny by play games in Casino, Bingo, Random odd flash games but also betting money on different games and other random events such as Eurovision Contest. I never play games, I just bet in Sport section.

I started with a bet on Eurovision winner, it was a $300 bet on Sweden as it was very obvious. I made a small research on twitter, youtube, betting sites such as bet365 and music top lists such as iTunes. Russia had the most Youtube views and was a clear top3 but the song was too funny to win, people want serious songs to win Eurovision unless everything else sucks. At that bet I won and had $600 in my account.

But Eurovision happens only once, to win more you need to learn to bet at Sports or become very good at playing flash games. I don't trust flash games so I just bet in Sport section. I bet on winners after full time, half game, amount of corners (more or less than x) and no more goals in game.

If you are interesting in tryin this, or other betting sites, keep in mind to have clear rules when you play. Never bet everything, always have a plan b. Sooner or later you will lose and you must have a plan b to recover. I only use max. 30% of my money at one single game and I bet at different events, not only who will win. Bet365 has a huge amount of different betting alternatives and a lot of live games. Live games are always easier to bet at, 95% of my bets go to live games as I can follow the game and study its progress.

And of course, don't play with more than you can lose. But this is for sure better than HYIPs and other Get Rich Fast scams out there.

Don't forget to find a 100% betting bonus, it really helps. One of the bonuses can be gotten by paying from a mobile phone. Bet365 has a loyalty program, the more you play the more bonuses you will get. Often they will not require you to invest, just bet for x$ before you can cashout.

Another quick tip is to stop playing once you win "enough". Every day I try to win a little and once I do that, I stop playing to continue the next day. I never blindly bid like a mad man at everything, every day I try to earn a little and if I started losing a lot, I take a break and continue the next day.


Buxstored - New PTC script from PTC-Evolution

Just received an email from PTC-Evolution, email was about their new product called Buxstored.

Buxstored is a new PTC script, business model is a lot like Buxhost (cheap ptc script to buy but very limited settings for admins) but this paid to click script is more like PTC-Evolution. It cost $25 per month. You can buy subscription up to 60 monthes at the same time and the more monthes you buy the better discount you get.

Once you buy Buxstored you get this:

  • Free hosting (I'm guessing that it's ddos protected or will be)
  • Free updates
  • Free support
  • Some improvements in the script compared to PTC-Evolution (Not sure what it is yet)

I tried to find information about admins controll of its PTC site, if it's possible to change in the source code and make small modifications to the scripts but could not find anything. This is not possible in buxhost scripts and would be a smart move for Buxstored.

Buxstored has an affiliate program which pays a comission of $5 per sale, minimum withdraw amount is $25. Two payment options, Payza and Paypal.

Comission earnings from sales at BuxP

3 days ago Buxp started to offer 5% comission on all advertising sales for premium members.

  • Website Traffic
  • Yotube Service
  • Banner Purchases
  • Twitter Service
  • Facebook Service

Standard members earn 5% comission only on Website Traffic sales.

Also a promise was made by the admin to enable premium members earning a comission from upgrade sales. That is awesome for old members with a few premium members with monthly upgrades ;)


New Neobux limits

Today Neobux introduced a few new limits, mostly for the good.

Terms of service part 3.10
Members can now start getting direct referrals 15 days after the registration. Previously you had to be active for 30 days etc etc. I think this had something to do with the auto-suspension after 30 days rule (just my guesses).

Neocoin offers
Neocoin offers will be credited after 30 days instead of the previously 60 days. This is activated only for the new completed offers, previous completed offers are still credited after 60 days.

Vacation days
From now on Ultimate Golden Pack members will have unlimited vacation days! Previously they only had 30 days of vacation days yearly.

Golden pack extension
Golden pack members can now extend their memberships at any time, not the last 30 days as previously.

Actually, all of these updates are good, at least for me :) Enjoy earning!

11.5.12 =

Alertpay has now become Payza, I'm not exactly sure why yet but I have my guesses and it looks promising.

Alertpay announced a week ago that they are changing its name from Alertpay to Payza, website's url will change from to

We are promised to get new design and new features (sounds nice! :)).

And now to the point, why did Alertpay change its name to Payza? My guess, and this is my guess only, is that they want to start working on a better reputation. Alertpay is mostly known as a payment processor for HYIPs and PTCs, and some other virtual services such as website hosting. Also they had some problems with VISA/Master Cards because of some pedophile website or something like that.

Anyway, this feels good and I'm ready to enter the new future together with Alertpay (Payza).


4 years old, that's how old Neobux is today!

Today I logged in to my Neobux account and saw this image used as logo.
Congratulations Neobux, 4 years is an achievement worth celebrating for a PTC site.

I wish that new year will bring more, and better updates that will let us earn in even more ways. And of course, I really wish that Neobux will continue paying to everyone for another 4 years and maybe drop that minimum cashout going up to $10 (that scares a lot of standard members).

Good luck!


Annoying surfing at Neobux (forced view)

Have you noticed this while surfing at neobux? I'm talking about how annoying it became to surf at Neobux and all of the errors..

So we are forced to click at Neobux everyday or else referral comissions won't be added the next day. I think that's fine at a site like Neobux, it's not perfect but it's okey. But did you noticed how annoying everything became after the introduction of "forced view" of an ad?

Annoying surfing
Clixsense and Neobux are two leaders of PTC industry and they have started to copy each other the last two years. Look at how much similar they are today! Forced ads, same ad value (majority of them), similar advertising prices and very similar "raffle" or adprizes/clixgrind as they call it.

A lot of people got annoyed by this and some even quitted clicking. At a PTC site like Neobux it's very hard as you need to click every day like a slave or you won't earn any money from referrals and if you have some referrals, you better click! But hell yeah it's annoying to watch that wazzup chick every f*cking day, yet that's what we all signed up and are getting paid for :P

Anyway, the problem I wanted to lift up in this blog post is the one I'm facing almost every single day, actually there are two problems. First problem is that Neobux is always under construction, seriously every single day! I click, click, click (need to click it all or else no earnings the next day) and BAAAAM! "We are sorry but it's not possible to view ads~ ".. And the second problem happens a lot when I surf in Chrome browser. I surf an ad, wait for timer and     ...   .. I don't get rewarded! So I refresh page and try to surf it again but no! "You can't view this ad in 10~ seconds".. So sometimes I have to click an ad for a minute or more at Neobux because of this, it's annoying as hell and I'm sure that more people are facing this.

I hope that Clixsense and Neobux stop copying each other so much and  just start thinking outside of the box. Both are talking about revolution but in reallity not much is happening revolutionary. These two sites are lucky to have hardworking coders and can afford new features, smaller sites can never do this.

So Neobux and Clixsense, use your coders wisely and don't be so hard on your members. It should be fun and relaxing to view ads or else everything will collapse.

Google is doing something, ptc keywords are affected

Google launched a new updates the last 24 hours, an update against blackhat SEO and spam. This update did change a lot of search results and PTC results are not different.

So to get rid of the spammers using bs articles written by bots for bots and similar spamming tactics often used by blackhats, Google released a new update.

This update has change a lot of search results, a lot of sites with spammy links were dropping rankings but also gaining! Keywords domains were getting better results and some older sites from 1995, yes from 1995, started to show up at very competitive keywords.

Today I looked up rankings of this blog and I noticed that somethig is weird as all of them dropped. This blog dropped from page 1 to page 3 on a lot of keywords. Now I'm not sure what the exact reason may be but this case is not unique and Google is very unstable today. As a result of that, a lot of random sites started to show up at ptc related searches.

One blog platform in Sweden (similar to blogspot) has also experienced weird problem, a lot of pages were de-indexed and dissepeared from Google. Now there is a big debate in Swedish SEO-scene, what's exactly happend to this blogging platform?

This update was supposed to affect only 3-5% of the searches but as you have probably noticed, this update affected way more results than that.

I will write an update on this as soon as I have more information.


Buxp - Traffic Exchange

Woot woot! Did you miss Buxp's traffic exchange section?

Buxp recently introduced a traffic exchange section. This one is not like in AuroraGPT scripts, it's more clicking involved. First you click a link and open a new tab, after that you verify your click and wait a few seconds. That's how you earn your first traffic exchange credit, to earn more you need to close your new tab and click on a new link.

I just noticed that you can click on "Skip this ad" once you received your advertising credit. This will redirect you to next page. In other words you don't need to open and close new tabs all the time.

Every time you visit a website, you earn a credit which means one click to website of your choice. Standard members can only create an ad after they have visited 100 traffic exchange sites.

You can find traffic exchange section by pointing at Earn Money drop down link and choosing Traffic Exchange or clicking here.


PPlinx downtime 20-30 hours 2012-03-16

Hi guys, just want to inform you about PPlinx downtime today.

*Update* PPlinx is now online again but you can continue reading this post anyway :) *Update*

PPlinx has been down for 12 hours a few days ago and today it's down again. This is due the hosting company PPlinx is hosted at They have been having all kind of problems the last 24 hours.

It all started at 2am CET, website was giving an error 500 code upong loading. At first their support was trying to restart server several time but when my support ticket was moved to level 2 and 3, they told me that they have been having problems with London B servers. So I thought it would be fixed and the site would be up within a few hours, I went to my bed to sleep (it was late). When I woke up, site was still down and they have been giving all kind of excuses.

The last status update is as following:
"March 16 2012 15:42 GMT: The resync has failed. We are currently working to migrate customers to another SAN and restore service. The current ETA for restoration of ALL customers on this cloud is 20-30 hours."

So it looks as the site will be down for some time but should be up online tomorrow if everything goes well.

//PPlinx admin


Pakistani users allowed to join BuxP!

Good news for pakistani ptc earners! Buxp, one of the oldest and trusted ptc sites, now allows pakistani people to register and earn at Buxp!

Today, 2011-03-11, an announcement was made by the buxp admin that pakistani users are allowed to earn at Buxp. Also a few new countries were added ot their country list; Nigeria, Serbia, Pakistan, Kosovo and Montenegro.

In other words, everyone can now join Buxp no matter what from country you are unless you are from China. Yes, China is still now welcome at buxp just like on many other sites because of massive cheating and ip problems.

What are you waiting for? Join Buxp here :)


Don't spam PTC blogs

This post is about PTC blog spammers we the bloggers have to face almost every single day! I will not insult anyone, everyone is just trying to survive and I understand that but spamming blogs won't help you.

We, the bloggers, are not stupid. All your spam gets either marked as spam or deleted. And what's so great with that? It's a lose/lose situation. I'm losing time reading your spam comments and marking them as spam, and you lose your time spamming useless comments trying to get links to your blog.

Many blogs solve this problem by disabling the option to comment with a link. I think that is wrong and I always want to credit people with good comments. Some people put a few minute into writing their comments on my blog and they deserve a small reward, a link to their blog that people can follow if the comment was good and/or interesting. But the comments need to be good, related to the post and written for humans.

My blog does not have follow links on blog comments, that's why you should think twice before spamming just for the "link power" that is close to nothing. If you still want that link, write a good comment! Don't write as "good viagra" because I will just mark it as spam without reading. Comment as (example=) "Alex from ptcblog.xx" if you want to include your keywords in anchor text.

A good comment is a comment that engage people to discuss further or adds something to the topic. A comment simply saying "Good" is not a good comment. Just because this is a ptc blog, doesn't mean that I will approve all kind of crap in comments :)


Cool new stats at BUXP

Just noticed that BUXP added some cool stats to "My Account" where you can see top 10 clickers of the day, top 10 earners of the day and top 10 earners of all time!

(Click at the image to see the full size)
Buxp top 10

These stats are live, as far as I can see, and show only active members. Some of the top earners of all time are now inactive and for that reason not shown in the top 10 earners of all time.

I think this is a great little feature that will motivate some people to click more and others stay active. Maybe to continue be shown as top 10 earners of all time? ;)

BUXP is one of the few long time paying PTC sites that this blog fully support. You can join it by clicking this link.


Adhitz advertising stats

Well, I won't show you the exact stats. I will just share my experience so far.

I've set a targeted campaign at Adhitz and so far I'm getting good results. Maybe not GOOD, but not bad. My campaign doesn't eat a lot of money daily and I get a lot of impressions. I only pay for the clicks, the impressions are free :)

I advertise an older paid to click site, maybe that's why I get average results. A new site will do much better, I'm sure of it. I will probably try to promote a less popular PTC site later.


Cheap advertising paid to click sites

I was thinking it's a good idea to list some of the cheapest paid to click advertising sites.

Most of the successful ptc earners, who earn from direct referrals, bought ptc advertising at some point. Simply because it's an easy way to reach targeted visitors.

Here is my list of PTC sites I advertise at because it's cheap:

And here is a list of a few other sites that sell cheap advertising but I haven't tried those yet.

Today I've also advertised at AdHitz (ppc, similar to Google Adsense) and EarnMoneySpace forum (they are selling banners for $5!). I know for a fact that EMS advertising is worth the money but not sure yet about the Adhitz. I've spent $50 on a semi targeted campaign just to try it out. I will report my stats after some time here at this blog. Be sure to subscribe or follow on Faceboook if you are interested of knowing about my failure or success with Adhitz :)


Just a quick ptc update

Here are the sites I'm earning from the most:

There are the top ptc sites for me, I earn mostly from direct referrals so keep that in mind. Incentria is almost a Clicksia clone so I'm really trying to get more referrals there to earn as much as on Clicksia.

PPlinx has more than 100 links available for free members, really worth being a member there.

Thank you for reading and don't forget to see other paying ptc sites :)