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BuxP updates 09 23

Here are some news from BuxP:

1. TOS 7.2 change


"It is not allowed to promote your referral link in any Asian or Slavic based language."


"You are allowed to advertise your BUXP referral link in any language, but should we come to the conclusion that your referral base is not differentiated at all and/or of low quality, we may terminate your account after paying out your current earnings and investments."

Notice the "low quality, we may terminate"... So basicly this is for blogs that promote ptc sites for people that don't even understand english. Trust me, there are many chinese sites, blogs and forums where they have a picture (screenshot) of registration page and there they translate every single field into chinese. Why do you think so many PTCs ban members from China?

2. Lower cashout minimum

Cashout limits were lowered for premium and standard members. From $7.99 to $6.99. Those few that had $17.99 also got a $1 reduction to $16.99.

Good news for us the members and earners. Lowered minimum is something we have seen a lot of lately. Wordlinx and Clixsense were also forced to lower the minimum earlier this year.