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Buxstored - New PTC script from PTC-Evolution

Just received an email from PTC-Evolution, email was about their new product called Buxstored.

Buxstored is a new PTC script, business model is a lot like Buxhost (cheap ptc script to buy but very limited settings for admins) but this paid to click script is more like PTC-Evolution. It cost $25 per month. You can buy subscription up to 60 monthes at the same time and the more monthes you buy the better discount you get.

Once you buy Buxstored you get this:

  • Free hosting (I'm guessing that it's ddos protected or will be)
  • Free updates
  • Free support
  • Some improvements in the script compared to PTC-Evolution (Not sure what it is yet)

I tried to find information about admins controll of its PTC site, if it's possible to change in the source code and make small modifications to the scripts but could not find anything. This is not possible in buxhost scripts and would be a smart move for Buxstored.

Buxstored has an affiliate program which pays a comission of $5 per sale, minimum withdraw amount is $25. Two payment options, Payza and Paypal.