Best PTC sites - Get paid to click


Neobux micro ads

Neobux introduced micro ads a few days ago. Each ad is worth $0.001 and it has a 5 seconds forced view.

This feature was a good improvement for a lot of advertisers and standard members. Some premium members now fear that this feature will lower their earnings because they are used to neobux high click rates but for standard members it only means that they can reach the minimum cashout much faster.

The advertising cost only $2 each 1000 visits. The more you buy, the less it cost. But be careful! A lot of sites can't handle receiving all the traffic you get from neobux at the same time.

Happy clicking/advertising at this ptc site :)


Wordlinx - new ptc forum

Wordlinx, a very old ptc site has finally opened a forum for its members.

Say hi, post your suggestions or communicate with other wordlinx members at :

I'm sure a lot of people are happy with this new improvement as some people would call it.



A bug at buxp's view ads page has been found and fixed.

According to the admin of the ptc site, it should increase the amount of ads everyone can view.

Also, from now on when you win an auction. A link will be sent to your email account with pay and provide details.

Enjoy more ads :)