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More about sport betting

Hi, this is just a quick post with some extra information about Sport betting that I did not include in the last post Bet365 the easy cash.

If you are betting and become good at it, winning a lot of cash like I did, after a while you may start betting stupid. You may want to start betting at unior matches where kids are playing, some random matches with countries you never heard of etc etc just to keep betting and winning. That's is very bad for you.

Bet365 is one of the most popular betting sites out there with a lot of games and live stream but once in a while they stop showing the good stuff like Sweden with England fotboll, instead they show African countries playing fotboll and often without live stream. You don't know how well they play or how good the teams are but you still bet because you have grown a need to continue betting and winning because of how well you did the last week or longer periods of time. That is something you should avoid at all cost.

To continue winning majority of the games you should only bet at games where you either know the teams or if you can follow game live either on the betting site or your TV. Because to win with skill, not luck, you need to know something about the game before betting or else you will one day run out of luck and start betting with bad odds and lose many times in row until all of your money are gone.

I must admit, I've lost some money like this but I'm still in profit because I've managed to controll my need for more games to bet at. I think it's something everyone needs to deal with if the first weeks of betting earned a lot of money and I'm happy that I'm done with that.

Tomorrow VM will start, many new games where I can predict the winners based on their performance in the past and how well they play while I watch the match live. If you will be betting like me, I can only with you good luck and don't forget to controll yourself, don't bet at random games or you will lose.


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