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28.9.09 - GPTBank Issue Update

In the last post I posted that GPTBank was not credited by and I also promised to keep you updated about this so here it comes..

From Sergio;
Hi. Yes, I found a bug yesterday, not pretty sure how but something went wrong when I was changing the limits. It's fixed now smile.gif

Luckily it was just a bug :)

27.9.09 not crediting GPTBank

"It seems we are not getting credits for direct referrals anymore. I have sent a pm to Sergio(admin). Lets see what he will say..."

This is a quote from:

More updates on this as soon as I know more about it. The admin of is busy lately and got a limited internet connetion so it can take some time to receive a response from him.

26.9.09 instant invites here! is a great website not just because you can easily get a free Nintendo Wii but also because they force people to get invited by already existing members!

For those who do not know what is, it's a new website where you earn points by answering daily questions, inviting friends and being active. The points (PTZ) can be exchanged for nice prizes such as Nintendo Wii, Ipods, Iphones, etc..

You can find free instant invites here:


Cashpill - Promotion Prize!

Oh yes, I need to keep my visitors busy and always have something new for them but right now there is not much to write about simply because the ptc sites we have added here in our list, at the best ptc sites, right now are so good and don't scam after a week ;)

Anyway, here I decided to write a quick selfish post about my prize that I won at cashpill! Cashpill try to grow bigger so they decided to have this competition where the one that would send the most traffic before they reach 100% would receive $4.5. Guess who won? ;)

You can read more about it here:


Cashpill - Money For Nothing

With Cashpill you can earn money for nothing.

Yes, it's true. All they want you to do is to visit the website and everytime the progress bar reach 100%, you can request a payment.

With the new feature you can also promote the website and if the winner is comming from your link, you will receive 10% of what that person win. The visitor will be recorded for 30 days so if you send a person to that website and that person win something after 25 days, you will still receive the 10%.

I don't know how long time this website will last before adsense ban it but I really like the idea "Money For Nothing" :)


Why Clixsense upgrade?

Clixsense is one of those sites where you just must upgrade! It's also one of a very few sites that pay 1 cent per click and does not have any referral limits.

As a standard member you can't do much. You will receive a few 1 cent ads to view and 1 cent for each new referral that join under you but that's it! I was a standard member for a very long time and managed to earn only 3$! Two of those three dollars came from one of my referrals that upgraded under me and that was also the time when I decided to finally upgrade.

A lot of people earn good money with Clixsense but no one is earning anythng without an upgrade unless they come from the US and get all the targeted ads. With an upgraded account for only 10$ you will receive 10 cent for each new referral that simply sign up under you! That's 10 times more than you would get as a standard member. Besides that, you will also see a lot of ads the first day you upgrade. Around 250 ads will be waiting for you, each one is worth 1 cent or more! This is of course not all! You will also receive 2$ from each referrals that decide to upgrade in your FIVE referrals levels! It means that if you will earn money from the referrals that your referrals are having! This can be a lot of cash if you got an active downline. There is also a new feature at Clixsense that allow upgraded members to earn 10% of ad value for each ad your premium first level referrals view!

I hope that more people will understand the earning potential of this program when they read this. After 4 years it's still paying but all you see at ptc sites are the neobux ads.


bpBux PTC - Scam

bpBux is now labeled as scam by gptbank. With this in mind and some other information I have received about the site, it is now decided that it will be removed from the best ptc sites list!

Also be careful with bux vegas. It's also one of the sites that decided to be "under construction".

Buxwiz PTC - Scam

Yes, today I label this ptc as a not paying site.

They say that they have security problems but in reallity they dropped sales a lot and can no longer pay to their members. Also their paypal account is limited which means they lied before.

You can also read about this here:


Bad BUX PTC day

So I can't access Neobux in a very long time. Wordlinx didn't allow me to click their ads with chrome but I guess now the bug is fixed. Buxwiz is something I can't access just like Neobux. BPBux is still under construction just like clixp and buxvegas.

Wtf? :]


BuxWiz - cashouts disabled

Buxwiz disabled cashout page with this announcement:

"We have detected some very serious security flaws on some parts of our script - The Support Page, Private Messaging, Banner Advertising and Cashout page.

We are putting in all the work we can to get them up back and running, but we will take our time if needed to get it as secure as possible, as a group of cheaters today have used the security holes to cashed out amounts they do not deserve. To prevent further abuse of these flaws, we have disabled the above mentioned pages. We will enable them one by one as soon as we fix them.

I think I won't get some sleep for the next few days, but I hope it wont take that long.

Also, we are experiencing some backdoor issues and will soon try to solve them, so some downtime is expected in a few days, but we will keep you updated.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: Support module back up.
UPDATE 2: Private Messaging back up."