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Buxp under ddos attack under 4 hours

Earlier today the old ptc site buxp was under ddos attack. As a result of that, the site was down for more than 4 hours.

It's really shame when that happens to honest sites but it's already back and available for everyone.

A quick note, if you want to earn more money at buxp, be sure to activate adult ads. There are currently 12 adult ads available and of course be sure to click at the video ads. Buxp admin promised upline earnings for the video section in the future.


Teabux Restarted

Teabux restarted a few days ago going from a bux to a semi bux site with lower click rates and hopefully a more sustainable future. An administration change was the reason to all of this as the site was half dead before the admin took it over.

The new admin is also the owner of a long time paying ptc site pplinx.

As a part of the restart most of the account balances were reset to $0.5. Those that had a lot of money in account balance were not left empty handed. Instead they received advertising credits for the money that were in their account balances. It's a smart way of restarting a site instead of just resetting everything and having 99% of angry members instead of just 50%.

As of now, there are alot of ads and the advertising cost is not really that expensive. The more advertising you buy, the less it cost. 10 000 ptc visits cost $20.

Also a new feature is the "ptsu" section also called paid to signup. This was not enabled before the restart. You can read more about the teabux 2.0 restart (Update 5.0) here:

As a result of the restart, a lot of members are complaining and spamming blogs/forums. Some populistic blogs such as ptc-investigations has put both and the long time (2 years+) paying site to their scam list although it has no signs of stopping paying and never had.

Scam or not? It's up to you to judge but both of the sites are currently paying.


Linkgrand Accepting Alertpay

Just received an email with news from linkgrand. One of the most important updates for me was the alertpay withdraw option that is currently open for a test. Also there are a few other updates, a lot of them for upgrades.

Just read the whole newsletter here:
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know what was going on at LinkGrand this summer...

1.) We are feeling more and more generous as time goes on. So we have decided to lower the cost of becoming a premium member on our site. Anyone that has ever purchased a yearly upgrade, has been given another year completely free of charge. And from now on, the yearly price has become a two-year price.

2.) To allow more people the chance to try out our Premium Membership option, we decided to offer a smaller package. For just $2.00, you can receive a full FOUR months as an upgraded member. You can't beat this deal anywhere!!!

3.) We need you to promote LinkGrand as much as possible. Please help us get the word out about our great site. We stand firm in delivering quality traffic and helping to make our users money online. Don't fall victim to scam sites that make big promises they cannot keep. If you support LinkGrand, I promise, LinkGrand will support you!!!

4.) We will be drawing our billboard winners for June soon. Then a brand new contest for July will kick off. To earn billboard tokens, login and click a billboard link found near the paid advertisements. You could be our next winner!

5.) Advertisers are raving about the Premium Hits option on their link purchases. If you have a website and want to increase awareness, advertise with us soon! :-)

6.) We have just added Alertpay as an option for paying for your advertising purchases. This is currently a test run only. If you would like to give it a try, you may do so at this time.