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Buxp - Traffic Exchange

Woot woot! Did you miss Buxp's traffic exchange section?

Buxp recently introduced a traffic exchange section. This one is not like in AuroraGPT scripts, it's more clicking involved. First you click a link and open a new tab, after that you verify your click and wait a few seconds. That's how you earn your first traffic exchange credit, to earn more you need to close your new tab and click on a new link.

I just noticed that you can click on "Skip this ad" once you received your advertising credit. This will redirect you to next page. In other words you don't need to open and close new tabs all the time.

Every time you visit a website, you earn a credit which means one click to website of your choice. Standard members can only create an ad after they have visited 100 traffic exchange sites.

You can find traffic exchange section by pointing at Earn Money drop down link and choosing Traffic Exchange or clicking here.


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