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Updates of bpbux progress

bpBux is still under construction but now we can all see the progress by visiting

At the bottom of the page you can see "NEW VERSION PROGRESS" and right now it is at 37%


Wordlinx - New Design!

Wordlinx redesigned their front page.

"New front page and site skin now live!
about 1 hour ago from web"

I don't know about you but I think it doesn't look that bad :)

bpBux - Under Construction

In a few days bpBux was down for some reason. Here is the official statement:

we are currently under construction

So, we are finally ready with some updates. Here is what is going on:
- We are currently performing a site-makeover, which basicly means we'll return with a different style.
- We are currently editing major part of the code, which will result in a faster browsing, a more secure script and TONS of cool features!
So, we are asking all of our members to have a little patience while we are doing this update; you'll be blown away once we open the doors again.

Just to let all of you know that we are still here. The latest update: We took a big step closer to opening the doors again. Stay tuned.


Revbux bug discovered

Yestarday a bug at revbux was discovered. The bug gave 10 cent everytime downline surfed a site in traffic exchange section.

The bug was fixed and a script was created to get back the unfair earned balance. Please don't freak out when you got negative balance when you login at revbux today or tomorrow. If you have negative balance, it means that your downline surfed in traffic exchange section and you earned a lot of money because of this bug.

All negative balances are now 0.05$


DonkeyMails PTP And Referral Changes

Donkeymails will lower the ptp earnings tomorrow (15 aug) at an unknown time from 75 cents to 50 cents per 1,000 credits.

I strongly suggest to convert all your existing ptp points to money with the current 75 cents rate before they change it. I have done it myself and saved maybe a dollar by doing so :)

Also with this change, the referral earnings will increase. 1st level from 5% to 10% and 2nd level from 4% to 5%.


Twistbux cashout update 2

You can now cashout instantly to alertpay from twistbux! Yes, it's true! I did it myself a few minutes ago.

So go and cashout your cash or maybe continue clicking since it looks like they are still paying :)


Twistbux cashout update

It looks like twistbux new owner is really getting it on!

Paypal minimum cashout of 5$ is available and it seems like the new alertpay business account is verified. Now it's only a few days left until we can cashout instantly to alertpay with a minimum of 1$!