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300 000 members - BuxP

BuxP announced in the latest newsletter that it has grown to more than 300 000 registred members in the last 4 years of its existence.

Congratulations from me and a lot of active users! Let's hope that more site in GPT industry will become as successful.


Back on Google!

Looks like has been forgiven by Google and it's back showing as a top result whenever a PTC related search term is searched. Earlier this year blog was hit but Penguin update, this blog had some old low quallity links (or it could be that the term P T C was mentioned too often). Either way, Google loves me again :)

That is really great and motivates me to be more active and update more. I'm also happy to see so many followers I've gathered through all these years although I've sometimes been very inactive like this summer when I was in Malta and Spain.

More updates, so many updates! Also check this useful post at PPlinx if you are new to PTC site advertising or already do without knowing much about it. It's about Google Adsense vs PTC traffic.

Update on Cashcamel

Well, being the top referrer at CashCamel and emailing 2 times many days ago I still did not receive a new password although it's stated that everyone will receive a response within 24 hours.

Now if I didn't get a response, that also means that my referrals probably didn't get a new password. The referrals that actually cared to ask for a new email, most of the ptc members are probably too lazy to do that.

In other words, my downline is very much inactive by now even if I get a new password and that is sad. I liked the site and liked how the Admin was trying hard to reach to new people with all kind of advertising and social media activity.

PTC Investigation did not report this event at all, as far as I can see, and that worries me a little. Does that mean that I'm the only one or that people don't care to complain although they love doing it to other sites? ^^

I will update again if something new happens.


Can't login at Cashcamel - 26 aug

So I tried to login at Cashcamel but couldn't, instead I saw a message:
"Trouble With Login? I am here to help! Send me an e-mail"

Did I fail? Did I type wrong password or username? Was the site hacked?

I clicked at a link leading to start page and refreshed with f5.

"Trouble With Login? I am here to help! Your Account is Fine. You just need a password reset. Send me an e-mail.. I'll will respond to your e-mail within 24 hours! CLICK HERE!Check Out the Breaking News! 1/2 Priced memberships and more! CLICK HERE!"

Okey, so it wasn't only me. Seems like many or everyone needs to recover password before logging in at Cashcamel. I'm not sure why but the site's database has crashed before and lost some data. I just hope it wasn't hacked. I looked at their forum but it seems to be closed or something, and there is nothing about this at their blog.

Anyway, let's hope that Cashcamel will recover from this.


Why I love purchase bonuses

I just want to show my purchase bonuses from referrals and why I love them so much.

Here are a few from Clicksia:
Yesterday One of your referrals purchased something, you received a bonus of $6.2500
12 Jul 2012 One of your referrals purchased something, you received a bonus of $2.5000
27 Jun 2012 One of your referrals purchased something, you received a bonus of $2.5000

Of course I had many more purchases but often only $0.2, these 3 were extra high.

Although I don't use Neobux anymore I did earn a few bonuses there as well. Sometimes up to $20 :)

So don't just look at how much you can earn from PTC section, often you can also get a small comission from sign-up section as well.


The Botting Network "TBN" Hacked!

The Botting Network aka TBN has been hacked and hacker or hacker gained access to their database with usernames and passwords.

Sometimes I do belive in god and this is just the case. There are so few legit, honest admins spending a lot of their time with their loved PTC sites and paying to everyone yet some people always have to destroy and ruin it for honest people.

The Botting Network members are speading cheating softwares, autoclickers and other stuff. They don't care about anyone but their own asses. It's easier to get money by actually earning them with hard work, freelancing online or doing other simple tasks yet they rather cheat for little money than earning bigger money like everyone else.

I'm sorry but if you are going to get hacked by hackers who hacked this hacker community The Botting Network, you more than deserved it. Also use unique passwords next time because even PTC site databases are often getting sold to not so serious people who abuse the database.

Teabux scam or legit?

Teabux, is it scam or legit? The only reason I use word scam or legit in the title is because that's what people are searching for today to find out how legit a site is, or if it's a simple scam.

Anyway, Teabux is not scam but is now closed. Domain does not redirect you to Teabux anymore.

Teabux closed a few days ago due to members inactivity and no income for the last few monthes. Site slowly died and became inactive after a change of click rates made a year ago. It was labeled as scam at many so called PTC monitors and could never recover from that.

I think it's worth to note that all of the pending payments were paid before Teabux closed and the reason "inactivity, lack of income" is very legit. It was not a "car accident" :)

Site will be removed from this blog's recommended PTC sites.