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Google is doing something, ptc keywords are affected

Google launched a new updates the last 24 hours, an update against blackhat SEO and spam. This update did change a lot of search results and PTC results are not different.

So to get rid of the spammers using bs articles written by bots for bots and similar spamming tactics often used by blackhats, Google released a new update.

This update has change a lot of search results, a lot of sites with spammy links were dropping rankings but also gaining! Keywords domains were getting better results and some older sites from 1995, yes from 1995, started to show up at very competitive keywords.

Today I looked up rankings of this blog and I noticed that somethig is weird as all of them dropped. This blog dropped from page 1 to page 3 on a lot of keywords. Now I'm not sure what the exact reason may be but this case is not unique and Google is very unstable today. As a result of that, a lot of random sites started to show up at ptc related searches.

One blog platform in Sweden (similar to blogspot) has also experienced weird problem, a lot of pages were de-indexed and dissepeared from Google. Now there is a big debate in Swedish SEO-scene, what's exactly happend to this blogging platform?

This update was supposed to affect only 3-5% of the searches but as you have probably noticed, this update affected way more results than that.

I will write an update on this as soon as I have more information.


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