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Astrobux suspension problems

It looks like many people are getting suspended at Astrobux and the mods/admins ask for things such as internet bills etc.

This is just a warning note to everyone who was going to join this site. Those members who already registred there should prey, I hope you will get your payment :)

28.11.09 - redeem to ads site

From now on is going to be a redeem to ads site. It will not be possible to cashout from anymore but you can receive a little bonus at the new site called if you invested in after the first september!

You can read the whole announcement here:

16.11.09, new site from!

Yes, there is a new site called that opened today from the same owner as

There is still no third announcement at forum, only a lot of spammers spamming about their viagra. Sometimes I wounder do they really sell any viagra like that?! Anyway, I think will be the same as 10bux and now. Inactive bux paying very little and mostly to premium accounts.

The new site is very sustainable compared to with very limited direct referral clicks and high minimum payout. Let's see how it goes for the site.


Svbux Scam - closing the site

I quote:

"Hello, This is over, Tom. Too many chargebacks. We've been refunding today nearly 50 times. I just want you to know that we did not earn any big money..., lot of money went to users who have invested on Sv 11-6 weeks ago. A lot of went for server expensives and the Firewall. I can bet that some of users from Sv have received more profit than I did.... It was really nice time to work with you. You can do the chargebacks now, go ahead. It's too late for anything. I will appreciate it if you leave me a contact to you."

Hello, I wish I could do something, but I can't... I did not sleep for 2 days looking for a solution, reading forums, chating with support from diffrent hostings but it seems that my experience is too small for big things like a Sv. Now when PayPal is blocked, and the AP is going to be blocked tomorrow, I'm giving up. Thank you, Tom.

Svbux admin blame chargeback for the site going down but is it really the real truth? We will never know. One thing is for sure, paypal did not close their account just maybe put for investigation that usually take some time but not too long. Some one sent a ddos attack on svbux a few days ago but in the end it was svbux members that closed the site if you belive in the admin story.


Youptc big fail

Youptc failed big big!

After a lot of neobux advertising and great rates you would think that maybe this one can be as great as ara-bux or crewbux once was before closing? Or not!

Here is a secret statistic of the site:

As you can see only 7000 real members and a lot of unreferred bots. Also at their front page you can see a symbol "no bots". I find it funny after looking at the first picture ;)


11.11.09 second announcement

A second announcement was made by admin when most of the members though that admin dissepeared.

1. It was said that the admin accidently deleted the first thread instead of a post.
2. There were some nice ideas in the first thread from some members.
3. Online petition can be one of them because many people claim that it helped neobux.
4. admin won't take any donations because it would be just a tiny bubble.
5. More news in the next thread but some members won't like it.

My personal guess is that it will either be limited cashouts, unlimited pending time or premium only to cashout.

Anyway, let's see what he has to say in the next update.



Wordlinx - No More Manual Cashouts

Wordlinx now have more than 200 000 members and keep evolving with every week passing unlike many of the other old ptc sites. After 6 years they have come up with so much and always keep their members happy with quallity service.

Now manual cashouts will be disabled. The reason is that manual cashouts are taking too long time to process.

Is it good? Is it bad? Well, some members will think it's bad because they take a $0.5 fee from every instant cashout because of paypal fee while others won't care because they already use the instant cashout method in a few month.


Arclicks - Scam ! ?

A lot of people are reporting that the forum of arclicks is now closed. You can't write anything there in a few days just in time for some kind of a contest with a prize of 250$.

There are also many people reporting that arclicks does not pay within their terms days.

You can read more about it here:


Sad late news about

Sorry for not seeing this before but it looks like paypal account was permanently closed.

This doesn't look good at all :/ suspended? No!

Hello, is having server issues and those issues are being worked on but if you get a message that your account was suspended it's because the mysql database died for the moment. If you try to login again after a few minutes, it should work.

If you can't login even after trying many times, you are probably suspended.


Neobux, not only bad news! :)

A new feature was introduced at neobux that allow members to sell their active direct referrals for a lot of money!

"The prices are very attractive and are as follows:
- Referrals with an average between 2.00 and 3.99 = $1.00
- Referrals with an average between 4.00 and 5.99 = $2.00
- Referrals with an average equal or higher than 6.00 = $3.00"

With some calculations I came to this conclusion:
1 If you are an upgraded member you should keep your referrals! That's of course if you don't need money in your renting balance really bad and you got some sucker that only got 2 clicks per day average. If you do need renting balance money, sell them! But only those with avg between 2 and 4. Referrals with avg of 5 or more are epic rare and you should hug them everyday!

2 Standard members earn 50% of what premium members earn from their referrals and therefor can either sell or keep their referrals. It's a lot about luck but if you think that the referrals will click more than 200 ads you should probably keep them :)

The only trick here is that the money will be added in your renting balance and as we know if you stop renting you will lose a small amount of money from each lost referral. So unless you are going to try neobux renting system and try to benifit from it, do not sell your referrals.

Please note that most of the referrals will never meet the criteria to be sold for more than a dollar so you will still earn a lot from your direct referrals even if you decide to sell the most active once.

I think this is a good thing for new neobux tactics and people who already spend money on neobux renting system.

More info here:

Alertpay november news

It looks like Alertpay keep improving their service.

Here is what we see when we login to our alertpay accounts:

Credit card withdrawal

If you have a Visa or a MasterCard, you can withdraw funds from your AlertPay account and it will automatically convert to your credit card's currency. You can now withdraw the money in your AlertPay balance to your credit card in three different currencies: USD, GBP and EUR. This makes withdrawing your money faster, more convenient and just as secure.

Please note that you will only be able to withdraw up to $250 USD (or equivalent) per transaction temporarily. We apologize, but this service is not available for American Express.

Pay in different currencies with credit card

Now you can make cross-border payments in three currencies — USD, GBP and EUR — and save money on currency exchange. All you have to do is choose the currency you wish to be billed in for that purchase and avoid paying extra fees.

We apologize, but this service is not available for American Express.

Phone validation
When shoppers make a credit card purchase through a website, they will receive a validation code by phone that they must enter at checkout to complete their purchase. This will help protect our sellers by preventing fraudulent payments. This applies to U.S. and Canadian shoppers alone and will only be done one time.

Lower credit card fees
Now for the most exciting news of all: lower credit card fees! Members who receive credit card payments will pay a little bit less on every credit card transaction. We have lowered them from 5.0% to 4.9%, saving you just a little bit more money. And every little bit counts!

And don’t forget…

Website Review is still in full swing for our online sellers. We are stream-lining the procedure to make it even easier, so stay tuned. Please leave a comment about your Website Review experience in our Facebook discussion or other post.

That’s all for now, but we will be back very soon with more exciting updates!