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Clicksia ptc selling referral replacements

Clicksia is now selling referral replacement credits. There is still no official announcement as far as I can see but the feature is already active.

One pack of referral replacement credits cost $5. It include 50 credits which means that one credit cost $0.1. You can buy several packs but you can't choose how many credits you want to buy.

Right now we can't buy referrals from the shop but that's probably because there are no referrals available.


Buxp low on ptc ads

Lately BuxP decreased amount of ads available for standard members. A lot of people dislike this and complain.

This is what the admin had to say about this;
"Due to high increase of visits/day last months a lot of ads expire during the day so at the evening you sometimes have 50% less ads than normal. but we are working on a solution (we are going to divide the ads display time during the day so not all ads refresh at same time)"

Let's hope that this is true because BuxP is almost a 3 years old ptc site that paid more than $58623 to us during this time! Also because I got more than 2000 referrals but that's another story ;)


Ptc sites are sleeping

Hello, long time no see!

I haven't been posting anything lately simply because there is nothing new. Cashium was bought by palmbux admin but was never back at its old shape. Most of my ptc earnings come from neobux and buxp. Some extra money come also from clicksia, wordlinx, donkeymails and jillsclickcorner.

Clicksia is a site I want to add to this list today simply because it's one of the to rated auroras out there. It's been paying for years and always very fast even if you are a standard member requesting a payment.

I'm also uploading some new screenshots (latest payments). I know some of you enjoy to look at those :)

Merry christmas and a happy new year everyone! Let's hope that there will be new great ptc sites started next year so that we can earan more and don't forget to follow/bookmark this blog to be up to date!


Cashium's paypal account frozen

Cashium's paypal account got frozen. Admin tried to call them three times and only received an answer "Wait 90 days to receive the money".

His advice in EMS forum was to open a dispute. This is very sad for many of us who belived in this ptc and built a strong downline to earn more later.

Screenshot of paypal account:


Cashium is moving

Cashium had a lot of problems with DDOS lately, the admin is aware of that.

Today this ptc site is moving to a new server and that's why there can be some downtime. Rented referrals, advertising and memberships will be extended for some extra time.


Cashium Investment Tips

Okey, a lot of you love buxes and even invest in them. Here are some tips for one of the most trusted bux sites right now called cashium.

Earning an average income from direct referrals at cashium works just fine without any upgrade. It helps to upgrade but the difference won't be too big unless you really have a lot of active referrals clicking.

At cashium you rent human referrals and that's why active referrals click 4 ads or more everyday. The system allow people to rent referrals several times and that's why cashium is always having referrals available to rent.

If you want to earn from rented referrals, be sure to upgrade before you start renting referrals. This increase your profits too much to ignore it. Have atleast $50 for a 6 month upgrade and $29 - $58 to rent 100 - 200 referrals else it will slow down your earning speed. In total, that is $108 - $79 for a first investment. You can also add some extra money to that for recycle if you want.

Inactive referrals get auto recycled after 10 days of inactivity. But I recommended that you recycle an inactive referral after 3+ days of inactivity to increase your earnings to the max.

Reinvest your earnings and rent more referrals to increase your earnings to the max! But be sure to have extra money in your account to renew referrals that expire.

I hope this will help a few people out there :)


Wordlinx is back on track! ( Good ptc )

Wordlinx, one of the best and long time paying ptc sites is back on track.

In the previos post I mentioned that Wordlinx had problems with a huge chargeback attack but now the problem seems to be over.

What does this mean? It means that there will be more ads and that Wordlinx is once again a strong paying ptc site.


The Clickers Scam Warning

I'm not active at this site but I know that many people are.

The Clickers and their network received a lot of complains lately, much more than they usually do. The complains are mainly about payments that are not received at all even for upgraded members.

I suggest to not start working with this or their other ptc sites not only because they seem to be having problems with money but also because they spread viruses for a very long time.

Right now the site doesn't even load.

Another site from this network with the same admins behind is Cash-Harvest. Won't be posting a link to any of these sites here to avoid spreading of viruses.

A huge scam warning on this ptc network.


Wordlinx was hit hard

The 7 years old ptc website called wordlinx was hit by massive orders with fraud funds.

That is what you could read in the August Update that everyone received by email. Additionally to that they received a few DDOS attacks.

So what does this mean? They say that they won't have their selfsponsored standard ads while they recover and that their security was updated to prevent these things from happening again. Also there will be delay in development of new features because of the reasons above.

The new project by Wordlinx called will hopefully bring more funds to sustain this wounderful ptc site for many more years. Clixsense did a similar thing to get more revenue, they started two new programs and promoted it with massive traffic from clixsense.


Adptc restarting ?

It looks like adptc had a really bad economy as many people were thinking before.

Now they have restarted whole site meaning that everyone got $0 in their account balance again. Premium memberships still stay together with the direct referrals while rented referrals are already gone.

So be careful while joining this site. If you are already active, stay and see what happens. There could be a miracle or it could be another failure.


Clixsense started to use alertpay

Clixsense is now sending payments by checks and alertpay, not only checks like before. In many years clixsense refused to use paypal or alertpay to send their payments but the tough industry years finally forced the site to evolve like the rest.

This means that more people can use the website in the future and earn money. Also the payment fee will be decreased. This is great news for all the hard working clickers!

The site will soon be added to the list like before becuase now it's actually worth clicking there again. Also, don't forget that this website is similar to wordlinx so upgrading there will increase your earnings a lot. With a toolbar you can see when the new ads are appearing if you need those extra pennies.

To receive payments to your alertpay account, simply go to "my account" -> "details". There you can choose to receive a payment by alertpay with a 50 cent fee instead of getting paid by check with a $3 fee.

To download the toolbar, click this link: Clixsense toolbar

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Good Bye Adptc

I decided to remove adptc from the blog because of unstable payment time.

The site is still worth being active in and waiting for the payment, I know I will ;) But it doesn't deserve a spot here anymore. I want only the best ptc sites to be listed in here else the list would have been much longer.

Home from France, back to PTC

I'm now home from France and will soon look into the new and old ptc sites so that I can update you if there is anything worth knowing.

One thing I already know is that cashium started to pay and is out of beta stage! But you need to click everyday on this ptc site to earn from your referrals the next day like on many other buxes.

Have a nice day and don't forget to bookmark or follow this blog ;)


Aurora PTC Owners - A New Forum

A new forum was created a few weeks ago with some free mods and fixes for the aurora ptc scripts. Aurora is very similar to SDR scripts so if you own one SDR script using website, it's worth checking out as well.

This can be useful for many aurora ptc owners, feel free to check it out at:


PTC Investigation - Scam Or Legit

Scam is wrong word to describe ptc investigation and was used just because ptc investigation often abuse this term to get more traffic and misslead people.

This is what this post is really about; 37bux claims to be blackmailed by ptc investigations (the blog that claims to investigate ptc sites and got many followers). The blog is also known for a lot of false information spreading about many ptc sites and their owners as well as having a lot of banners on their blog. They had so many links and banners promoting affiliate links that the blog barely loaded. Google marked them as a bannerfarm site and suspended their blogspot account.

I won't take sides and will only provide the links to the information I have seen so that you can decide for yourselves. But remember to always use different sources of information before you decide to belive in something.

Here is the link to earnmoneyspace forum thread.

I hope PTC Investigation will stop fooling around and act professional.


Careful, and plusclix

Just a warning about these ptc sites. domain and Plusclix site are hijacked by a hacker. He is searching for a buyer and can abuse your private information such as passwords for a few pennies. Change your passwords if it's the same as at plusclix.

This is the true reason that forced the admin to stop paying the last month. however was at a pretty bad shape already before that.


The Big Neobux - Bux PTC That Pay!

So I was waiting a really long time before cashing out at neobux just to show a little picture to all of you and here it is, another great payment screen

neobux pay

Now when that is done, I decided to take the next step and..

neobux upgrade

This is maybe nothing special to many of you but a membership that cost so much is nothing I buy everyday. I was a standard member at neobux for more than a year and only now decided to upgrade. Ptc sites that stay online for more than a year and pay so high click rates are rare and that's why I wanted to support it a little. I still don't rent and don't see a need for that yet but who knows, maybe in the future.

"Woohoo" to me. Anyway, I found a new site to add to the list so hold on ;)

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BuxP Auctions

As some of you know, Buxp released an auction page a week ago.

Today it's a popular section for many. Why? Because it's a great way to buy banner advertising a little cheaper and get premium referrals in your downline!

The auction page can be found here:

It's also allowed to bid with your account balance if you are upgraded.

This whole thing was a great way to improve the PTC community and become one step closer to be the best ptc site. Nice move!


More Wordlinx News, The Best PTC :)

Wordlinx is a 6 years old ptc site that always got something new for the members. It's one of the top3 ptc sites.

In this month newsletter there were some really good news. They will lower the verification membership price from $10 to only $5! But only for a week so keep an eye on their twitter account.

Another new thing is that they are going to edit their current referral earning system. The members will only get paid from simple sign-ups up to ten levels! I'm not sure if the referral click earnings still will stay but time will show. This is mostly good but could be bad if they will remove earning from referral clicks because I think many people earn good money from it.

And the most cool, epic and LEGEN - DARY new improvement of them all (for good or bad) is that worldlinx will open their first forum after 6 years online!

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PTC Sites And Blog - Spot

Hello everyone!

Today I will post about blogspot and ptc blogs using it. Ptc investigations (A blog I really hate) got their blog marked as a spam by google. Everyone started to yell that google mark ptc sites as spam "bla bla bla". So this is where I come in :)

PTC Investigations was a blog full of banner links and was a very slow loading blog. Google send out their bots to search bad spam websites, they can see how many banners one site has and how fast it load. I think this is where their blog failed big time. Since google support is really horrible, the owner/s of PTC Investigations probably didn't even contact them to solve this.

I know many popular ptc blogs that are hosted at blogspot and they are doing just fine, including this one. Sure, a few were suspended but it was either because of too many links in sidebars or because the blog was not "used as a blog". The last one is very unclear but I managed to avoid it so far by posting new content as often as I can and not only promoting a few banners.

So the conclusion is.. don't be afraid of using blogspot to have a ptc blog. Hosting content at your own host is always the best and cost only a few bux per month but if you want a free place, blogspot is perfect! Even if your blog get suspended, you can still generate a backup and upload it somewhere else.

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What's happening, forum?

Didn't update in a while so here I am!

Although adptc got their account locked/suspended/limited by paypal, I don't know which, I received a payment to my alertpay account from them today. I'm not sure how many days I waited (I don't count this kind of things) but it wasn't longer than normally.. I think. Also ads are working now in other browsers than Firefox, I'm enjoy surfing there with my lovely Google Chrome right now :) Another thing worth adding is that you can now see the clicked ads instantly without any need of refreshing the page.

Cashium is very close to being finished and launched! It will be added soon to this blog! There are not many bux sites open right now so we should do our best to help this site to grow and become big.

Buxp, well there is a cool new feature added. You can see your referral earnings with a graph! Also I'm gathering a big amount of money before my next cashout request so be ready! ;)

Donkeymails, did anyone else notice that the ptp became really horrible lately? I stopped promoting this program a few month ago because the earnings decreased with like 1000%. Really strange because the ptp rate seems to be the same..

Neobux is still paying and everything is fine. I haven't seen any drama there in a while.

Jillsclickcorner is also still a fine paying ptr website that is online for many years. The easiest way to earn from it, is by doing all those paid to sign up offers. Of course feel free to click all ads, I just click the $0.0005 valued ads and higher to not waste too much of my time on almost nothing.

I requested a payment from wordlinx today of 16 USD and it was sent to me instantly. I really love this ptc site but more ads would be nice for both me and all the standard members. I recommend to upgrade at this site and click all ads when they refresh at 01:00 CET. Don't forget that the new upgraded memberships earn 10% from referral clicks!

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Paypal "suspending" Adptc

Admin state that paypal suspended (limited/frozen/closed?) his payment account with 12 000$ in it.

He won't force anyone to invest but asks people to convert in advertising or wait with payments if possible.

Liberty Reserve, Alertpay and Neteller will be used in the future.



The Best PTC Sites Backlinks

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a good wekk and all... anyway, I'm now searching for backlinks exchange. You need to have atleast pr 1+ blog that is often updated to do an exchange with The Best PTC Sites.

Also, payments will be updated today. There are a lot of payments from adptc that I didn't upload yet. A few big payments are comming soon :)


Linkgrand Added Premium Membership

Yes, Linkgrand has now come to the dark side and introduced a premium membership option for the member. It's official launch is at the April 18 2010 but you can pre-order already now!

They want to get 1000 upgraded members before the launch for advertisers but I doubt it will be that easy.

What you will get as an upgraded member is the following;
*More ads to view for premium members only
*All premium ads are worth double of what the normal ads are which is $0.006
*All updates and news will be sent to the premium members before the standard members.
*You can setup your account so that an email will be sent each time a new ad appear at linkgrand.

This all cost $10 yearly or $20 for a lifetime membership. Remember that Linkgrand is a very old ptc site so the life time membership can actually be worth it.

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(Sorry, I didn't find any cool picture to upload for this post).


Clicksia paypal minimum cashouts lowered!

I think this is just temporary but right now you can cashout at clicksia after only having $0.5 in your account balance. Alertpay is still 1$

The same goes for the clicksia's syster site incentria!

Yes, look! It's not a referral link, isn't that nice once in a while on a ptc blog? :) But if you want to join under me, just write tixepower in the referrer field.


1st April With Neobux

It's the joking day of all the jokes in the world. Everyone is joking and so does neobux.

First of all they claim that you can win 1000$ instantly added to your account if click an ad that has a crazy dot. After that you come to this page:

And need to complete that captcha :)


Adptc started to work again !

Yes, after a lot of errors the site seems to be working very good.

I just clicked there, ads work great and the site loads very fast. Let's hope that the site continue working this good because it had a lot of errors lately.

I also noticed that a lot of people were suspended and think that the site is scam. But when the admin reply to those suspended users sometimes, he always has a reason. The site maybe got a bad support but I don't belive that the admin has something to win by suspending members with 2 cent in their accounts.

Also I'm trying to keep the new posts more interesting to read and upload images. I hope you like it :)

It seems that the ads are not working again after only less than 24 hours. The site deserve a spot at the failblog :)


Adptc gave me 10$ prize! :)

Adptc gave out some cool prizes because they reached more than 100 000 members and guess who won free 10$ for having the second best amount of direct referrals? ;)

Yeee.. it was me ! :D

Thank you everyone who joined under me from this blog and everyone else. I would also like to thank my mum, my dad and ... naa just kidding! :)

But really, thank you everyone who follow this blog and force me to write more posts with updates. New sites will be added soon.

You can find more winners here:


Adptc clicking

I've now tested to click at adptc and it works (using chrome) so it should now work in all browsers.

Start clicking! ;)


Revbux gone ..

Yes, revbux will never come back.

After a lot of waiting time for the host to restore all the damaged servers, they finally did it but only 2/6 of it all or maybe it was 1/8?, whatever..

Anyway, the revbux was restored with damaged files and a database with size 0kb. It was completely empty so there is no way to restore anything.

The admin is starting a new site and will try to compensate for the loss by giving out ads/upgrades at the new site.


Olebux *update*

It seems like they are willing to try to solve this somehow and it was nice to hear. Also they told me that the support ticket was not ignored so posting my information on their forum could be a simple coincidence.

Also my information was removed from the forum, the hacker thread.


Why I'm a "hacked" and "tryed to hack them"

So olebux put me on their "tryed to hack us" list in the forum. Here I wanted to explain why so that some people don't think something they shouldn't.

I started at olebux very early, promoted and even upgraded later. I had 350 direct referrals and 100 rented. I also just upgraded for another month a few days ago. I really belived in this site and promoted it everywhere, even put it in this blog.

A day ago I discovered a huge gen3 bug that could easily be abused. So I went to olebux (the only gen3 besides I'm active at) and wanted to check if the site was secured. My plan was to try it and if it wasn't, I would just email and report the problem to the admin. I admit that I was kinda hoping for a gift for doing so such as free premium membership maybe? ;)

Anyway, I tried it on my own account because I did not fear anything since it was a honest act by a honest person but the site was already secured and I saw some warning text. Okey so no free premium and the site is fine. I opened a support ticket and explained the situation. A few hours later my account was suspended and no support ticket reply received.

At the same time or maybe a few minutes after my suspension they created a thread for cheaters and posted my name there. (wow, a thread just for me? :)) Of course there are many other people there and I know for sure they did exploit the bug to abuse the site but the thread was created at the same time I was suspended and not them.

Anyway I can't blame olebux too much even if I hoped for a most understanding admin than that and they can save a lot of money by doing this (350 directs/100 rented/premium 40+ days) but putting my name on the forum was a bit too much. So I felt a need to explain myself here since the olebux support staff refuse to listen.

Also Olebux broke the terms of service by posting my email on their forum.

2.4. Your email addresses will not be shown, given or sold.

Very bad move but oh well... no respect for privacy.


Adptc bug

There is a surfing bug at adptc, avoid it by using firefox until this bug is fixed.


Revbux down, hosting problems

Revbux is currently down because of the hosting problems.

Hosting staff say that the backup should be done soon but they say it in more than 24 hours now.

Anyway, don't panic the site will be back shortly. Also the surfbar will be updated so that everyone can see the timer.


Enbux not supported anymore

Enbux is not supported by The Best PTC Sites any longer.

With experience in their pocket you would think that they have learned their lesson but no. Horrible server performance in more than a week, impossible to earn anything from referrals or refer anyone to the site.

There are other sites that deserve the slot much more than this site. One of them is olebux that is not having any referral limits at the moment and give a decent income. Referrals are also very easy to get because the site is still very new but it sure does grow fast. The owners that run the site also run another paying site called companybux. They also have a few matrix sites that are also paying.

I hope you agree with this decision :)

Another site that was added is Adptc. For those that wounder where that site came from with 50 000 members in the first few days, it's actually very simple! 70cents split into 7dollars matrix and adptc not easily continue their sites and have less confused people.