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My current ptc earnings

Hi, I just wanted to write a quick update on my earning situation just from ptc sites.

My top earning sites are still neobux and buxp but also clicksia. The last few monthes my clicksia earnings were increased. Clicksia is now almost at the same level as buxp and neobux when it comes to earnings.

Buxp earnings were decreased as the standard ads are not as many as they used to be. Also it seems that buxp is expanding and has its focus on both ptc ads and youtube ads. As a premium member I see 16 youtube ads right now and 14 ptc ads. Referral earnings from youtube ads are less than from ptc ads.

Neobux earnings were decreased due to the major changes that took place a few monthes ago but are lately very stable. It's not at all as it used to be but still worth being an active member.

These are my 3 top ptc sites. I'm trying to promote incentria and get some active referrals just like I got on clicksia but so far without any success. People are liking clicksia more for some reason although they got exactly the same business model and almost the same amount of ads.

And of course I earn from all of my other sites that are located at where to earn but not as much. Clixsense could be a better earning platform for me but they decreased referral earnings a while ago and that ate almost all of my earnings at that site. I still earn a little but not at all as much as I used to.

I also promote ptcprofitboost guide and from that I earn some money from time to time. It's an easy sold help ebook for beginners. Everyone that buy this ebook also receive a free access to a secret ptc forum and can get a free support related to ptc sites if it's needed.

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Ptc evolution down, admins can't access admin panel

PTC evolution website is down and it controlls or monitors all of the licenses for ptc-evolution script running ptcs. A lot of ptc sites have chosen this script the last few years and now we can see what happens when subscription scripts are chosen for ptc sites.

Non of the admins of ptcevolution running website can access admin panel. In admin panel you can make most of your daily job as an admin and change different settings. You can also see graphs and statistics that are very important to keep watching every day as an admin of a working ptc website.

You can join the discussion about this here:


New loading bar at neobux

Did you guys notice the new loading bar at neobux? It's loading below the website frame when you view an ad. When the loading bar is done loading, you will get credited for your effort.

It's an interesting idea but also a little annoying. Atleast for me, I'm used to the old loading bar at the top. To be honest, at first I thought that it was a virus of some kind.

If you still didn't see it, go ahead and do it ! :)


Best PTC Forums

So, a lot of you want to communicate and wounder if there are any communities or forums somewhere out there available for you. These communication tools are important to find out if some sites are not paying or if there are some problems with ptc sites. You can also exchange referrals (you join their sites and click in exchange of them doing the same for you).

Here are the sites I'm using to communite with other ptc members;

Mylot, here you can find a lot of ptc earners and even other kind of people. But they all want to earn money and post at this paid-to-post forum.

EarnMoneySpace or Emoneyspace, a great active forum with a lot of active members and site admins.

There are also some other ptc forums but less important. If you want to find more, just search "ptc forums" on google. But you will find a lot of inactive forums with very bad admins that can be easily manipulated.

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Top PTC Sites (where to earn)

Where to earn page with the top ptc sites has been updated.

If you still didn't figure out where the link is, click here.

I've added a few new sites and more sites will be added. I don't want to add too many sites as there are not many sites that we can trust in but the once I add are paying for a longer time and I personally trust them. All of the sites here at the best ptc sites can be trusted as I've used most of the sites for several years without any problems.

The sites with $0.01 per click are rarely added as most of them are gone within 3 month. Just understand that there are very few advertisers and a lot of people that want to earn fast money. It's always risky to join these sites unless they have been paying for a few years just like Wordlinx and Clixsense. However, these sites lately introduced "mini ads" and show many $0.001 ads 1/10 of a cent.

I don't want to lie to you about the earning from ptc sites. You won't live from them unless you own top 5 ptc sites and you won't earn a lot of money. However, you have a great chance to earn extra money that you can spend on games or other free time activities. That's why i've also added on some sites how much I've earned from them. For some sites I did not show earning simply because I did not advertise them or was active. I just know that they are paying and that's why I added them.

I will also add more sites that are not ptcs with time. For example, mylot is a paying forum where you can post and earn money. The earning are unlimited so you can just write all day long when you don't have anything else to do. I've received a few payments from that site but right now I don't have a lot of time to post there. I have a few blogs, websites and school. On top of that, I need to party! :D

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PTC marketing secret, google vs facebook advertising

If you ever wounder what converts best, google adwords or facebook advertising for simple ptc sites that are userfriendly, I can open a little secret for you! :)

Facebook is better! It's easier to reach low income groups that are hungry to earn easy cash. Well, maybe not easier but this will cost less than what it would cost with adwords. What you need is attractive promotion tools that are very promising and easy to under. And a landing page that is very easy and userfriendly.

Promoting ptc sites as a member may be a little expensive unless you are very good at everything mentioned above but for ptc owners this should be a little easier.

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Wordlinx, Alertpay And Mini Ads

Hey guys! Long time without posts, I've been busy. Really busy. I will try to behave in the future :)

Anyway, just wanted to start updating the blog again and I will start with Wordlinx news. Did you see the Alertpay logo at wordlinx front page? Well, alertpay is now used by wordlinx for the payments. Great for those who could not use paypal!

They also introduced mini ads. They are worth $0.001 for the clickers. If you want to advertise, it cost just $9 for 5000 visits. I recommed this advertising as there are many good members at wordlinx to refer to other sites. You can even try to sell something :) I tried clixsense mini ads and to be honest they didn't work too great. I belive more in wordlinx advertising.

If you are not a member of wordlinx yet, click here and register! It's one of the oldest ptc sites that is still legit.

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