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Cashium Investment Tips

Okey, a lot of you love buxes and even invest in them. Here are some tips for one of the most trusted bux sites right now called cashium.

Earning an average income from direct referrals at cashium works just fine without any upgrade. It helps to upgrade but the difference won't be too big unless you really have a lot of active referrals clicking.

At cashium you rent human referrals and that's why active referrals click 4 ads or more everyday. The system allow people to rent referrals several times and that's why cashium is always having referrals available to rent.

If you want to earn from rented referrals, be sure to upgrade before you start renting referrals. This increase your profits too much to ignore it. Have atleast $50 for a 6 month upgrade and $29 - $58 to rent 100 - 200 referrals else it will slow down your earning speed. In total, that is $108 - $79 for a first investment. You can also add some extra money to that for recycle if you want.

Inactive referrals get auto recycled after 10 days of inactivity. But I recommended that you recycle an inactive referral after 3+ days of inactivity to increase your earnings to the max.

Reinvest your earnings and rent more referrals to increase your earnings to the max! But be sure to have extra money in your account to renew referrals that expire.

I hope this will help a few people out there :)


Wordlinx is back on track! ( Good ptc )

Wordlinx, one of the best and long time paying ptc sites is back on track.

In the previos post I mentioned that Wordlinx had problems with a huge chargeback attack but now the problem seems to be over.

What does this mean? It means that there will be more ads and that Wordlinx is once again a strong paying ptc site.


The Clickers Scam Warning

I'm not active at this site but I know that many people are.

The Clickers and their network received a lot of complains lately, much more than they usually do. The complains are mainly about payments that are not received at all even for upgraded members.

I suggest to not start working with this or their other ptc sites not only because they seem to be having problems with money but also because they spread viruses for a very long time.

Right now the site doesn't even load.

Another site from this network with the same admins behind is Cash-Harvest. Won't be posting a link to any of these sites here to avoid spreading of viruses.

A huge scam warning on this ptc network.