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Enbux is Bpbux

Yes, the team behind enbux is suspected for running bpbux in the past and closing at a very early stage. Bpbux was also a good looking bux and many people invested in it of course.

Just a warning to you guys ;)


However it looks really nice so I decided to give them one more chance and join. The referral limit for standard members is good and it doesn't cost anything to delete inactive direct referrals.


Sell your referrals!

Now you can sell your direct referrals with a small activity for $0.1 at even if you are a standard member!

The script was tested and it worked just fine. You can sell referrals that have a green dollar icon at the same line. The rest do not meet the criteria and can only be deleted from your downline.



Palmbux scam

Yes, after a week they still do not allow members to cashout so we can easily say that palmbux now became one of those sites that pay after a long time or pay only a limited amount of money.

Of course you can belive that the new version is going to allow you to cashout but how exactly would new code bring more money to palmbux? It would still take time to earn money with the new script before you can let everyone to request a cashout.

The Best PTC Sites label the site as a scam.


Lockerz, staff that play gods?

Lockerz, a very popular site where you can easily collect points and exchange them for prizes or?

Here are some personal experiences:

At lockerz you can't just get some points and exchange them, you must wait for the time when they release the items just like everyone else. It's more like a lottery.

Lockerz is always having problems with servers and no matter how much they talk about upgrading the servers, the site always die when they release some items.

They show pictures of a lot of things that are supposed to be released but in reallity they release a VEEERY limited amount of items like 1-10 and thousands of people fight about them in a slow loading website that give a lot of errors.

Now those that actually were fast, did they receive anything? I'm sure some did get something but from my personal experience it's not like that for everyone. I did not get my lockerz VIP tshirt like they promised and this was a very long time ago. A friend of mine converted points for a ps3 but did he get it? He waited for the confirmation link a very long time and after a few days lockerz staff said that the script made an error and released too many items.

I have converted all my points for an apple mouse, the only thing I saw being available. I did get the confirmation link but a few weeks later I'm still here not seeing anything comming to my email box.

For all the new beginners, don't give this site a chance because it does not deserve it. Maybe when lockerz become more professional but not now. Don't belive the youtube videos, they just want a few referrals so that maybe they can also convert points for prizes that are not available.