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Clixsense started to use alertpay

Clixsense is now sending payments by checks and alertpay, not only checks like before. In many years clixsense refused to use paypal or alertpay to send their payments but the tough industry years finally forced the site to evolve like the rest.

This means that more people can use the website in the future and earn money. Also the payment fee will be decreased. This is great news for all the hard working clickers!

The site will soon be added to the list like before becuase now it's actually worth clicking there again. Also, don't forget that this website is similar to wordlinx so upgrading there will increase your earnings a lot. With a toolbar you can see when the new ads are appearing if you need those extra pennies.

To receive payments to your alertpay account, simply go to "my account" -> "details". There you can choose to receive a payment by alertpay with a 50 cent fee instead of getting paid by check with a $3 fee.

To download the toolbar, click this link: Clixsense toolbar

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Good Bye Adptc

I decided to remove adptc from the blog because of unstable payment time.

The site is still worth being active in and waiting for the payment, I know I will ;) But it doesn't deserve a spot here anymore. I want only the best ptc sites to be listed in here else the list would have been much longer.

Home from France, back to PTC

I'm now home from France and will soon look into the new and old ptc sites so that I can update you if there is anything worth knowing.

One thing I already know is that cashium started to pay and is out of beta stage! But you need to click everyday on this ptc site to earn from your referrals the next day like on many other buxes.

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Aurora PTC Owners - A New Forum

A new forum was created a few weeks ago with some free mods and fixes for the aurora ptc scripts. Aurora is very similar to SDR scripts so if you own one SDR script using website, it's worth checking out as well.

This can be useful for many aurora ptc owners, feel free to check it out at:


PTC Investigation - Scam Or Legit

Scam is wrong word to describe ptc investigation and was used just because ptc investigation often abuse this term to get more traffic and misslead people.

This is what this post is really about; 37bux claims to be blackmailed by ptc investigations (the blog that claims to investigate ptc sites and got many followers). The blog is also known for a lot of false information spreading about many ptc sites and their owners as well as having a lot of banners on their blog. They had so many links and banners promoting affiliate links that the blog barely loaded. Google marked them as a bannerfarm site and suspended their blogspot account.

I won't take sides and will only provide the links to the information I have seen so that you can decide for yourselves. But remember to always use different sources of information before you decide to belive in something.

Here is the link to earnmoneyspace forum thread.

I hope PTC Investigation will stop fooling around and act professional.


Careful, and plusclix

Just a warning about these ptc sites. domain and Plusclix site are hijacked by a hacker. He is searching for a buyer and can abuse your private information such as passwords for a few pennies. Change your passwords if it's the same as at plusclix.

This is the true reason that forced the admin to stop paying the last month. however was at a pretty bad shape already before that.