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A million page views!

Thanks everyone for reading this blog and subscribing and even following Facebook page.

I just checked statistics, this blog was visited more than a million times. 1369382 pageviews is what blogspot is showing, and I'm not even sure if it tracked all of the visitors from the start or just after the recent update of blogspot blogging platform.

Once again, thanks! :)


Frame breaking, not for PTC websites

This week implemented frame breaking code which means that this website is no longer good to earn from using PTC and traffic exchange websites.

Sadly I never had enough time to earn enough to reach the minimum payout and could not see if it was scam or not.


New site that I'm testing..

I'm testing a new site like and linkbucks where you shorten an url and share this link to the public. Everytime some one go to the link, they will first see an ad in a few seconds before they can access the content they were originally linked to.

Many claim it's a scam site, well I don't know about that and that's why I'm testing. It's also interesting to see how they react to PTC traffic as they don't have frame breaking code at the moment. Another site that started like that with high paying rates was and it's still paying but now with frame breaking urls and lower pay rate.


Password recovered at Cashcamel

Update! I received a new password from cashcamel.

I used earnmoneyspace forum to contact admin there. He responded that I should have already received the email, well I didn't so I asked for a new password and got it very fast.

So if you experienced a similar problem, could not receive password within a few days via the official recovering system, email cashcamel first and if not do what I did and go to earnmoneyspace :)