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Adptc started to work again !

Yes, after a lot of errors the site seems to be working very good.

I just clicked there, ads work great and the site loads very fast. Let's hope that the site continue working this good because it had a lot of errors lately.

I also noticed that a lot of people were suspended and think that the site is scam. But when the admin reply to those suspended users sometimes, he always has a reason. The site maybe got a bad support but I don't belive that the admin has something to win by suspending members with 2 cent in their accounts.

Also I'm trying to keep the new posts more interesting to read and upload images. I hope you like it :)

It seems that the ads are not working again after only less than 24 hours. The site deserve a spot at the failblog :)


Adptc gave me 10$ prize! :)

Adptc gave out some cool prizes because they reached more than 100 000 members and guess who won free 10$ for having the second best amount of direct referrals? ;)

Yeee.. it was me ! :D

Thank you everyone who joined under me from this blog and everyone else. I would also like to thank my mum, my dad and ... naa just kidding! :)

But really, thank you everyone who follow this blog and force me to write more posts with updates. New sites will be added soon.

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