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Bet 365 - the easy cash! ;)

So Google thinks that I'm blogging too much about ptcs so I will post something different from time to time more often than before.

Today I just want to post a quick post about Bet365 where I made a lot of money the two weeks I played. From $300 to $1100 in just two weeks!

Bet365 is a site where you can earn moeny by play games in Casino, Bingo, Random odd flash games but also betting money on different games and other random events such as Eurovision Contest. I never play games, I just bet in Sport section.

I started with a bet on Eurovision winner, it was a $300 bet on Sweden as it was very obvious. I made a small research on twitter, youtube, betting sites such as bet365 and music top lists such as iTunes. Russia had the most Youtube views and was a clear top3 but the song was too funny to win, people want serious songs to win Eurovision unless everything else sucks. At that bet I won and had $600 in my account.

But Eurovision happens only once, to win more you need to learn to bet at Sports or become very good at playing flash games. I don't trust flash games so I just bet in Sport section. I bet on winners after full time, half game, amount of corners (more or less than x) and no more goals in game.

If you are interesting in tryin this, or other betting sites, keep in mind to have clear rules when you play. Never bet everything, always have a plan b. Sooner or later you will lose and you must have a plan b to recover. I only use max. 30% of my money at one single game and I bet at different events, not only who will win. Bet365 has a huge amount of different betting alternatives and a lot of live games. Live games are always easier to bet at, 95% of my bets go to live games as I can follow the game and study its progress.

And of course, don't play with more than you can lose. But this is for sure better than HYIPs and other Get Rich Fast scams out there.

Don't forget to find a 100% betting bonus, it really helps. One of the bonuses can be gotten by paying from a mobile phone. Bet365 has a loyalty program, the more you play the more bonuses you will get. Often they will not require you to invest, just bet for x$ before you can cashout.

Another quick tip is to stop playing once you win "enough". Every day I try to win a little and once I do that, I stop playing to continue the next day. I never blindly bid like a mad man at everything, every day I try to earn a little and if I started losing a lot, I take a break and continue the next day.