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Cool new stats at BUXP

Just noticed that BUXP added some cool stats to "My Account" where you can see top 10 clickers of the day, top 10 earners of the day and top 10 earners of all time!

(Click at the image to see the full size)
Buxp top 10

These stats are live, as far as I can see, and show only active members. Some of the top earners of all time are now inactive and for that reason not shown in the top 10 earners of all time.

I think this is a great little feature that will motivate some people to click more and others stay active. Maybe to continue be shown as top 10 earners of all time? ;)

BUXP is one of the few long time paying PTC sites that this blog fully support. You can join it by clicking this link.