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Neobux turning into a HYIP

Lately neobux started to introduce a lot of bad changes every month and this month is not different compared to any other.

Standard members at neobux must be active in a month before they can upgrade or get direct referrals (This information is not 100% confirmed) and earlier this year neobux also introduced direct referral limits.

Now the new big news for neobux fans is that they will pay a few cent for every rented referral they decide to let expire. That means if you got 100 referrals and you want to let them go, you will need to pay neobux 4-5$ from your main balance.

It looks like neobux will soon become a HYIP where only upgraded members will be able to earn who invest in referrals everyday.


Revbux ptc 1 year online

Revbux is today 1 year old and got a lot of news for their members! Purchase contests, ptsu improvements and so much more!

Read more here:


This One Is Really The Best Ptc Site ;)

Wow, I bet you all know that I love wordlinx but from today it's more than that!

So I was clicking at wordlinx and though that I woud recommend a feature that wordlinx could easily introduce. I wrote an email and asked them to put this feature on their "to do list" and guess what? A few hours later I receive an email where they thank me, telling that they will do it and that I got 500 credits in my account for my great idea.

Wow, would some other site do it? I think not..

11.10.09 is back!

As an update to the latest blog post, is back online!


Where Is ? The Little Aurora PTC ..

It looks like hosting account was suspended, is this temporary or not? Only time will show!

"This Domain/Hosting Account is Suspended
Contact TBAB Hosting HERE for more information."



Linxsense - Early Scam

There is a new ptc site that many people think is unique. Well.. with help of the best ptc sites you will now learn the truth!

First impression of Linxsense is that it's some kind of legit website because of the name (similar to Clixsense) and a very unique design for a ptc site.

So far it looks good but if you investigate a little more, you will see that the terms of service are exactly the same as

That is not all! Thanks to a forum member of EMS it is now known that the design is was stolen from

You would think that must be all but you ARE WRONG! The site is whois protected and have a similar renting system to the above mentioned svbux.

So, will you trust a ptc site with stolen name, design, referral renting system and terms of service? On top of that all things the owner also decide to use whois protection for this domain name so that we won't know what that person have done in the past. A suggestion from the best ptc sites is to avoid joining this site.

6 Years Old PTC Site = True!

Yes, it's true!

Today my favorite ptc site called Wordlinx is 6 years old and not only paying to all members but also does it instantly to those who wish to pay a 50 cent fee! This PTC site really deserve a spot at the best ptc sites list!

"Over the last few years we’ve taken the site from ‘just another PTC’ to a membership of nearly 200,000 with a top 10,000 Alexa rank. Our site is now considered by many as one of the top three PTCs in the world."

More about it at and new better earnings for upgraded members here:

PTC LoL is back!

Yes, the popular old blog that was created by me a few month ago is back and will be often updated again!

This blog is recommended for those who are bored while surfing/clicking or doing anything else.



Clixsense smell SCAM -my

After suspending Will Jack aka NorthOwl, Clixsense now changed their reward policy regarding referrals for upgraded members. Instead of the old 10 cent per referral you will now get 1 cent.

This all happend one day after the incedent and they didn't even try to announce the change to the members. I myself paid for the upgrade just to be able to earn from referring and now a month after the upgrade is almost useless.

Clixsense will no longer be supported by the best ptc sites. It will probably still pay for a long time but suspending people / banning ip for secret reasons and changing upgraded accounts under one night without telling anything will not be tolerated.


Clixsense scamming promoters?

There is a popular thread at earnmoneyspace where people talk about a person called northowl (owner of clicksia/incentria and the forum earnmoneyspace). He was banned from clixsense for some secret reason that clixsense does not want to talk about and his ip was banned from the site.

NorthOwl aka Mr. Jackson was the best promoter for a few weeks at Clixsense with 150-200 new referral everyday. He managed to get more than 3000 referrals before his account and ip was banned. Clixsense is also known for owning StormPay, a payment processor like Alertpay and Paypal.

This can be an interesting reading for you.


More about StormPay here:

1.10.09 - New direct referrals click limit

Instead of the old 1000 daily clicks limit from your referrals it's now 200 for the direct referrals!

With 4 ads it means that you can only earn from 25 direct referrals that click all the ads everyday. Please don't misunderstand this, you can still have unlimited referrals but you can only earn for 200 clicks daily that your referrals are clicking.

Here is the source:

The admin said he forgot to announce it...