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Time to get back!

Hi guys, sorry for inactivity. I've been away for some time, busy working with web analyzes and search engine optimization. I also visited Malta for a week, was very hot.

Anyway, I'm going to start updating this blog again. Currently I can recommend registering at CashCamel, cool little aurora site with $0,01 minimum or something.

See ya soon!


Congratulations Alalona!

Congratulations Alalona! You've won a Clixsense upgrade for free from me! :)

So I was looking at the pending comments on this blog and saw this comment:
"Plase, upgrade me in clixsense i´m alalona, and i´m full active there!!!!"

At first I thought it was a troll, trolling me as always with some spam links but I still checked and yes! Alalona was really active, almost 9000 clicked ads with an average of 19.

As some of you know, I upgrade active referrals in my downline for free as long as they are active and maybe get a few referrals under them. So if you want to be the next Alalona, be sure to join Clixsense under me and be active! :)

It's time to quit neobux

Neobux has been my favorite ptc site for years, instant payments and high earnings not to mention great referral earnings. But that changed last year and the last few monthes it was nothing but a pain to earn at Neobux.

So yes, I've now quitted Neobux. I've been clicking at Neobux for almost 3 years almost every single day just to earn from referrals the next day like a slave to the code. But now when click rates are much lower, referral earnings are lower too and upgrades still cost a lot, it's not worth it anymore.

$90 upgrade for more slave work another year every single day to earn from referrals, honest referrals referred from sites without any refback offers. I would never let other PTC sites treat me like Neobux does so why would Neo get away with it?

Today Clicksia is one of the greatest sites and bux sites are more or less dead. Atleast I haven't seen a good one for ages (ages =  almost 2 years now). Buxes are dead, deal with it.