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11.5.12 =

Alertpay has now become Payza, I'm not exactly sure why yet but I have my guesses and it looks promising.

Alertpay announced a week ago that they are changing its name from Alertpay to Payza, website's url will change from to

We are promised to get new design and new features (sounds nice! :)).

And now to the point, why did Alertpay change its name to Payza? My guess, and this is my guess only, is that they want to start working on a better reputation. Alertpay is mostly known as a payment processor for HYIPs and PTCs, and some other virtual services such as website hosting. Also they had some problems with VISA/Master Cards because of some pedophile website or something like that.

Anyway, this feels good and I'm ready to enter the new future together with Alertpay (Payza).