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Update on Cashcamel

Well, being the top referrer at CashCamel and emailing 2 times many days ago I still did not receive a new password although it's stated that everyone will receive a response within 24 hours.

Now if I didn't get a response, that also means that my referrals probably didn't get a new password. The referrals that actually cared to ask for a new email, most of the ptc members are probably too lazy to do that.

In other words, my downline is very much inactive by now even if I get a new password and that is sad. I liked the site and liked how the Admin was trying hard to reach to new people with all kind of advertising and social media activity.

PTC Investigation did not report this event at all, as far as I can see, and that worries me a little. Does that mean that I'm the only one or that people don't care to complain although they love doing it to other sites? ^^

I will update again if something new happens.