Best PTC sites - Get paid to click


Cheap advertising paid to click sites

I was thinking it's a good idea to list some of the cheapest paid to click advertising sites.

Most of the successful ptc earners, who earn from direct referrals, bought ptc advertising at some point. Simply because it's an easy way to reach targeted visitors.

Here is my list of PTC sites I advertise at because it's cheap:

And here is a list of a few other sites that sell cheap advertising but I haven't tried those yet.

Today I've also advertised at AdHitz (ppc, similar to Google Adsense) and EarnMoneySpace forum (they are selling banners for $5!). I know for a fact that EMS advertising is worth the money but not sure yet about the Adhitz. I've spent $50 on a semi targeted campaign just to try it out. I will report my stats after some time here at this blog. Be sure to subscribe or follow on Faceboook if you are interested of knowing about my failure or success with Adhitz :)