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Buxstored - New PTC script from PTC-Evolution

Just received an email from PTC-Evolution, email was about their new product called Buxstored.

Buxstored is a new PTC script, business model is a lot like Buxhost (cheap ptc script to buy but very limited settings for admins) but this paid to click script is more like PTC-Evolution. It cost $25 per month. You can buy subscription up to 60 monthes at the same time and the more monthes you buy the better discount you get.

Once you buy Buxstored you get this:

  • Free hosting (I'm guessing that it's ddos protected or will be)
  • Free updates
  • Free support
  • Some improvements in the script compared to PTC-Evolution (Not sure what it is yet)

I tried to find information about admins controll of its PTC site, if it's possible to change in the source code and make small modifications to the scripts but could not find anything. This is not possible in buxhost scripts and would be a smart move for Buxstored.

Buxstored has an affiliate program which pays a comission of $5 per sale, minimum withdraw amount is $25. Two payment options, Payza and Paypal.

Comission earnings from sales at BuxP

3 days ago Buxp started to offer 5% comission on all advertising sales for premium members.

  • Website Traffic
  • Yotube Service
  • Banner Purchases
  • Twitter Service
  • Facebook Service

Standard members earn 5% comission only on Website Traffic sales.

Also a promise was made by the admin to enable premium members earning a comission from upgrade sales. That is awesome for old members with a few premium members with monthly upgrades ;)


New Neobux limits

Today Neobux introduced a few new limits, mostly for the good.

Terms of service part 3.10
Members can now start getting direct referrals 15 days after the registration. Previously you had to be active for 30 days etc etc. I think this had something to do with the auto-suspension after 30 days rule (just my guesses).

Neocoin offers
Neocoin offers will be credited after 30 days instead of the previously 60 days. This is activated only for the new completed offers, previous completed offers are still credited after 60 days.

Vacation days
From now on Ultimate Golden Pack members will have unlimited vacation days! Previously they only had 30 days of vacation days yearly.

Golden pack extension
Golden pack members can now extend their memberships at any time, not the last 30 days as previously.

Actually, all of these updates are good, at least for me :) Enjoy earning!

11.5.12 =

Alertpay has now become Payza, I'm not exactly sure why yet but I have my guesses and it looks promising.

Alertpay announced a week ago that they are changing its name from Alertpay to Payza, website's url will change from to

We are promised to get new design and new features (sounds nice! :)).

And now to the point, why did Alertpay change its name to Payza? My guess, and this is my guess only, is that they want to start working on a better reputation. Alertpay is mostly known as a payment processor for HYIPs and PTCs, and some other virtual services such as website hosting. Also they had some problems with VISA/Master Cards because of some pedophile website or something like that.

Anyway, this feels good and I'm ready to enter the new future together with Alertpay (Payza).


4 years old, that's how old Neobux is today!

Today I logged in to my Neobux account and saw this image used as logo.
Congratulations Neobux, 4 years is an achievement worth celebrating for a PTC site.

I wish that new year will bring more, and better updates that will let us earn in even more ways. And of course, I really wish that Neobux will continue paying to everyone for another 4 years and maybe drop that minimum cashout going up to $10 (that scares a lot of standard members).

Good luck!