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Neobux ptc new click rates for upgraded members

Upgraded member click rates of fixed ads are back to $0.01. Previously they were $0.001 for all members.

Also the system where you earn referral commision from high valued ads will stay.

There is a lot of chaos and a lot of members that ask the question "Is neobux still the best ptc site?". Based on the traffic that the site receive today and the paid amount to the members I would say that it is.


New neobux click rate values

Click values for all members of fixed ads are now:
$0.001 for everyone (this will be changed if I misunderstood something).

The values per direct referral click for the fixed ads will be:
- Standard members: $0.0005
- Golden members: $0.005
- Golden members with a Golden Pack: $0.01

Rented referral click values will remain the same.

By golden pack they mean the upgrades that Golden members can upgrade their accounts to.

This also means that the advertising will cost close to almost nothing at neobux. It's also possible now to buy advertising for a whole day/month if I did understand everything written.

You can read the announcement here:


Cashium And Palmbux Are Being Sold On Flippa

It looks like both Palmbux and Cashium are not being sold on flippa.

Palmbux LTD owns both of the websites and the whole company is now being sold for a high BIN price of $55,000.

I'm not sure about the cashout status of these websites right now but the seller claims that they are still active.

Here is the link to flippa where the sites are being sold: