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PPlinx downtime 20-30 hours 2012-03-16

Hi guys, just want to inform you about PPlinx downtime today.

*Update* PPlinx is now online again but you can continue reading this post anyway :) *Update*

PPlinx has been down for 12 hours a few days ago and today it's down again. This is due the hosting company PPlinx is hosted at They have been having all kind of problems the last 24 hours.

It all started at 2am CET, website was giving an error 500 code upong loading. At first their support was trying to restart server several time but when my support ticket was moved to level 2 and 3, they told me that they have been having problems with London B servers. So I thought it would be fixed and the site would be up within a few hours, I went to my bed to sleep (it was late). When I woke up, site was still down and they have been giving all kind of excuses.

The last status update is as following:
"March 16 2012 15:42 GMT: The resync has failed. We are currently working to migrate customers to another SAN and restore service. The current ETA for restoration of ALL customers on this cloud is 20-30 hours."

So it looks as the site will be down for some time but should be up online tomorrow if everything goes well.

//PPlinx admin