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Can't login at Cashcamel - 26 aug

So I tried to login at Cashcamel but couldn't, instead I saw a message:
"Trouble With Login? I am here to help! Send me an e-mail"

Did I fail? Did I type wrong password or username? Was the site hacked?

I clicked at a link leading to start page and refreshed with f5.

"Trouble With Login? I am here to help! Your Account is Fine. You just need a password reset. Send me an e-mail.. I'll will respond to your e-mail within 24 hours! CLICK HERE!Check Out the Breaking News! 1/2 Priced memberships and more! CLICK HERE!"

Okey, so it wasn't only me. Seems like many or everyone needs to recover password before logging in at Cashcamel. I'm not sure why but the site's database has crashed before and lost some data. I just hope it wasn't hacked. I looked at their forum but it seems to be closed or something, and there is nothing about this at their blog.

Anyway, let's hope that Cashcamel will recover from this.