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Annoying surfing at Neobux (forced view)

Have you noticed this while surfing at neobux? I'm talking about how annoying it became to surf at Neobux and all of the errors..

So we are forced to click at Neobux everyday or else referral comissions won't be added the next day. I think that's fine at a site like Neobux, it's not perfect but it's okey. But did you noticed how annoying everything became after the introduction of "forced view" of an ad?

Annoying surfing
Clixsense and Neobux are two leaders of PTC industry and they have started to copy each other the last two years. Look at how much similar they are today! Forced ads, same ad value (majority of them), similar advertising prices and very similar "raffle" or adprizes/clixgrind as they call it.

A lot of people got annoyed by this and some even quitted clicking. At a PTC site like Neobux it's very hard as you need to click every day like a slave or you won't earn any money from referrals and if you have some referrals, you better click! But hell yeah it's annoying to watch that wazzup chick every f*cking day, yet that's what we all signed up and are getting paid for :P

Anyway, the problem I wanted to lift up in this blog post is the one I'm facing almost every single day, actually there are two problems. First problem is that Neobux is always under construction, seriously every single day! I click, click, click (need to click it all or else no earnings the next day) and BAAAAM! "We are sorry but it's not possible to view ads~ ".. And the second problem happens a lot when I surf in Chrome browser. I surf an ad, wait for timer and     ...   .. I don't get rewarded! So I refresh page and try to surf it again but no! "You can't view this ad in 10~ seconds".. So sometimes I have to click an ad for a minute or more at Neobux because of this, it's annoying as hell and I'm sure that more people are facing this.

I hope that Clixsense and Neobux stop copying each other so much and  just start thinking outside of the box. Both are talking about revolution but in reallity not much is happening revolutionary. These two sites are lucky to have hardworking coders and can afford new features, smaller sites can never do this.

So Neobux and Clixsense, use your coders wisely and don't be so hard on your members. It should be fun and relaxing to view ads or else everything will collapse.


David Soares said...

were have you read that we are "forced" to view the neobux ads?

Alexander said...

I didn't read it, I experience it every day.

If I tab into another window, their surfing bar moves slower forward or not at all.

If I don't surf one day, I won't get any earnings the next day.

David Soares said...

that is not NeoBux fault, admin didn't change a thing.

what changed was your browser (some update), I don't know which you use but firefox as something that makes your unfocused bars to not mess with the active ones, so they slow the bars.

I don't know how to be more specific but I can guaranty its not neobux fault.

one tip, instead of open tabs try open a new window and leave to surf will in the other window the ad runs :)

Alexander said...

Hi, I use Chrome browser from Google.

But it does work 99% of the time. I think the site just time out because of too many visitors on the site for the server to handle. I don't know what else it can be.

Neobux is the only site where I don't always get credited from an ad.

Pyrenees28 said...

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