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Teabux scam or legit?

Teabux, is it scam or legit? The only reason I use word scam or legit in the title is because that's what people are searching for today to find out how legit a site is, or if it's a simple scam.

Anyway, Teabux is not scam but is now closed. Domain does not redirect you to Teabux anymore.

Teabux closed a few days ago due to members inactivity and no income for the last few monthes. Site slowly died and became inactive after a change of click rates made a year ago. It was labeled as scam at many so called PTC monitors and could never recover from that.

I think it's worth to note that all of the pending payments were paid before Teabux closed and the reason "inactivity, lack of income" is very legit. It was not a "car accident" :)

Site will be removed from this blog's recommended PTC sites.