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Earning money in Casinos playing Roulette

So I've blogged about Sport betting but another popular gambling alternative is playing Roulette, if you bet on red or black it's almost a 50% chance to win so what can go wrong, right? Or?..

Every Casino needs to profit and everything works as following, they give some to take some more. For example, at sport betting some people are winning while others are losing. The betting odds are changing depending on how people are betting, if a bet is popular the win rate will drop while the less popular choice will give you more money if you win. Roulettes are a lot like that.

There are two types of roulettes, one is live roulette where young girls from Latvia and China will smile at you while you lose your money and there is thing other roulette where you play with computer. Computers are tricky, they will study you playing tactics and give you some games to win and later hit you with a losing streak.

So the big difference between playing live roulette and computer roulette, is that the next winning number is counted differently. When you play alone with computer, it will give you some winning games and later hit you with many lost games. So the best tactic playing with computers is Hit and Run, win a little and run as fast as you can! When you play live, you are placing bets together with many other people who are playing live on the same roulette. It's still a computer you are playing against but the computer is no longer looking only at your bets, it will look at everyones bet. The winning colour will be the less popular choice so that casino will earn money and can afford to give higher winning prizes. The best tactic here is also Hit and Run because sooner or later you will lose and the more you bet the bigger is your chance to lose but also try to place bets on numbers or colours that other people are NOT betting on. Often it can be 7 red numbers in row and people think that the next number will be black, often they are wrong because the roulette computer can see where majority is placing their bets.

Anyway, I hope this information was useful for some of you. Just keep in mind that sooner or later you will lose, never bet more than you can afford losing and use Hit And Run tactics. Don't play at roulettes or slot machines that you already won at, I belive that the casinos online are saving your history and make you lose depending on how well you are doing.

Sport betting is still the safest online gambling because you can win with skill to calculate probability, you can't do the same with roulettes because it's all fake. They are programmed to earn for Casinos.