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Alertpay in trouble with VISA and Master card

Alertpay is having troubles with VISA and Master Card. It seems that some one is trying really hard to take them down and write shit about the company.

You can read more about it in this article:

Please don't belive every written word in there. No payment processing company will be able to monitor every single purchase and it's a weakness for companies that are not as big as Paypal.

Btw, that's a cool little pictures of Alertpay founders. Never really knew who was behind that company before I saw this picture. They look like rich persians, haha stereotypes for the win :)


Best PTC sites 2011

10 Best PTC sites of 2011, listed and rated by the best ptc sites blog.

Based on the poll results on several facebook pages related to PTC, earn money forums and my personal experience. Let me introduce to you the best PTC sites of 2011:

1. Buxp, after many years this is still one of the best PTC sites to earn on. Not only that but it's also nominated to the best ptc site of the year 2011 by me! The latest design change made it easier for members to find alternative earning categories such as watching youtube videos.

2. Neobux, this PTC site has been the best for many years but with the recent changes I no longer call it as the best PTC site. Still it's very worth joining and earning from it although it may be a little hard without referrals.

3. Clicksia, an aurora gpt site that has been with us for many years. Lately I've noticed increased activity on the site by members and increased daily earnings. This site works very well if you want to earn solo or with referrals. As an upgraded member you will earn comission from referrals that completed sign-up offers.

4. Incentria, is almost identical to Clicksia but less popular. I've no idea why it is this way, something we should definitely change.

5. Clixsense, a site that has been changing every year yet stayed at the top. I wouldn't call the referral earning "GOOD" but this is a very legit PTC site and works well if you earn alone withour referrals.

6. Wordlinx, has always been an enemy of Clixsense in my eyes. Similar upgrade options and earning system. But both of the sites are being creative and trying our new things.

7. PPlinx, hated and loved but many through the years and has been paying for almost 3 years now. Yes, the click rates are a little lower but the total earnings per day are worth the bother, super cheap upgrades and the referral comission is up to 100%. The advertising prices are also very cheap, in double order days it's a steal!

8. Donkeymails, this is a GPT site that has always been in our minds. There are many ways to earn, PTP is very attractive and the admin is famous within the PTC scene. The only thing I don't like about this website is the design that has been pretty much the same for so many years, but as long as it works I don't mind.

9. Jillsclickcorner is website from the same network as Donkeymails. This is a pure PTC with paid to sign-up. The advertising is affordable and the referrals love to click at this site for a longer time. The referral earnings are however a little low, but this site is very legit if you are working alone.

10. Here is a list of other PTC sites sharing the last place:,,,

Do you agree or disagree with the best ptc sites of 2011 top list? Would you like to share your opinion with me or the readers? Feel free to comment or write on facebooke page.