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New Neobux limits

Today Neobux introduced a few new limits, mostly for the good.

Terms of service part 3.10
Members can now start getting direct referrals 15 days after the registration. Previously you had to be active for 30 days etc etc. I think this had something to do with the auto-suspension after 30 days rule (just my guesses).

Neocoin offers
Neocoin offers will be credited after 30 days instead of the previously 60 days. This is activated only for the new completed offers, previous completed offers are still credited after 60 days.

Vacation days
From now on Ultimate Golden Pack members will have unlimited vacation days! Previously they only had 30 days of vacation days yearly.

Golden pack extension
Golden pack members can now extend their memberships at any time, not the last 30 days as previously.

Actually, all of these updates are good, at least for me :) Enjoy earning!