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PTC Profit Booster 2.0

PTC Profit Booster website has been offline for more than 2 weeks now but the rumors are out saying that it will return with a new version of the book 2.0.

PTC Profit Booster will be an updated version of the old book with extra useful information for new PTC earners.

2.0 will cost more and that way let PTC owners and bloggers earn much more per sale, 2x of the previous comission. That is something that bothered many PTC admins choosing clickbank products to promote but now it's solved.

When the book will be released is not clear yet but it will be soon.


Girts said...

their website has been taken down...

Abdulrahman Hawari said...

Nice review to the topics. I prefer that.
Check out this ZombieClix

If you like it share it with others ptc sites

PTC Referrals Guide said...

I read it. Its price is very high. I think the real price is not more than $3