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Wordlinx - new ptc anti cheat system, or is it?

Today wordlinx introduced a new link click system that is probably going to help to fight the cheaters? There is no official reason behind all of this but to fight the cheaters more effective is probably one of them for sure.

Now let's look at the clicking system. You click at the available links as always but instead of going directly to a website you first need to click at a yellow button. Now where did we see this before? Oh yea! Neobux was using this in a year now together with other bux ptc sites.


Cafebux sold to shortbux?

Is cafebux already giving up? There are no ads for a very long time now at cafebux and there is nothing new in a while. So is cafebux giving up on the project with the nice little ptc script the owner made?

Today I saw that shortbux admin(together with his secret scammer friend) offered to buy cafebux in a thread at their forum. The owner of cafebux pmed shortbux but what exactly will happen is still unknown. I will try to post here as soon as I know something about it.

More about it here:


The Best PTC Sites - Update

Hello dear readers of the best ptc sites!

I'm glad you all found to this blog and the blog is growing more and more everyday. Today we got 100 hits from different search engines! Please follow us by clicking at the follow link to the right of this post. It helps us more than you think! 

If you are new here, the best ptc sites is the place where I try to find the REAL best ptc sites that are out there. I try to pick ptc sites with stable earnings and sites that are sustainable and won't go scam after two weeks like so many ptc sites out there. I belive that I got the experience to lead the beginners and experienced people to the right ptc sites and help them earning. I also write many updates of the ptc sites that are listed in the list and a few other. So if you are interested, please bookmark or follow this blog to read the future updates and find new best ptc sites that are sometimes added to the list.

Today we celebrate this blog with a new site added to the best ptc sites list! The site is called EarnEasyPTR and the owner is the well known earneasycash and clickers-union owner that goes by the name of EECASH. His new site is based on a cashcrusader script but the design was modified so it doesn't look so crappy. The best thing with this site is that it's more or less like DonkeyMails but instead of giving 5 referarl levels, it gives 3. At DonkeyMails you earn only 5% from your first downline and it's less and less with lower downline level. At earneasyptr you earn 15% from your first referral level, 5% from the second and 1% from the third. Besides that you also get 3 cent for each new referral that just sign up without clicking anything! I belive this will be a great moneymonker for many people out there. This site is much better than DonkeyMails because you can actually get referrals at the third level. I myself still try to get a few referral at the second referral level but only got 3 so far. So go up and join EarnEasyPTR if you like the description of it :) There is also like 4 cent earnings there right now without clicking the low valued ads.

Anyway, happy earning guys and girls!

*edit* and EarneasyCash moved to "Other paying gpt sites" Earneasyptr will replace earneasycash.


My PTC Clicks - back online!

My PTC Clicks are now back online!

After a long downtime in the last couple of days, they are finally back and running again. 

My PTC Clicks are also going to upgrade their script soon but the time is still unknown.

23.5.09, worth testing but not investing

Today I would like to recommend this buxy bux site called! Why? Because GPTBank received more than $3690 from this program and I requested a 9$ payout yestarday as a standard member where most of my money came from my own clicks. I joined under GPTBank so I received a lot of money from the GPTBank aswell where I recently received 10$ to my alertpay account.

Why is this bux site not listed in the best ptc sites? Because these kind of sites do not survive for a very long time and the members of know it. However, we can still earn a lot of money from this program very easy while it still pay and that's why I decided to write this blog post. I also like the admin of this program for the fact that he is not trying to pretend having the biggest ptc revolution going on with his site. Instead he run the site and pay his members as long as he can with a lot of experience from his other website that lasted for what? 10 month? It's called 10bux, was created in 09-Jan-08 and still paying a few.

You can join here. If you want to invest, go ahead but I do not recommend big investments in this program. What I do recommend is trying to get some active direct referrals with maybe a few referral exchange deals and reach that minimum payout! 


Neobux, Buxp and Revbux scam ptc sites or?

No! They are not scam yet and you can feel free to join them here revbux, neobux and buxp.

A lot of us got a blog at blogspot or maybe wordpress. A lot of us want a lot of traffic to our blogs so that we can get a lot of referrals and be rich the rest of our lives. That is why we also desperatly want free targeted traffic from google and write all kind of posts just to get some kind of attention!

Go and search " Neobux scam " in google and see the result. Did you search yet? Okey, I hope you actually searched that and saw the result. One blog that will appear as the first result is called "neobuxscam". Now you maybe wounder why? It's very simple actually. The first thing a lot of people search before joining a ptc site is if it's a scam. A lot of people go to google and just write "sitename + scam" to see if people are complaining anywhere. This works really good sometimes but many people abuse it (like me, mohaha) to get some traffic to their websites or blogs.

So here I will spoil a nice way to get targeted traffic and maybe even referrals to your ptc sites! Write a post with a title "ptcsitename scam" and write a little introduction to the ptc site you want your free referrals at. Add a hyperlink with your referral link everytime you write that ptc site name in your post and at the end of the post you can write something like this:

"You can join this ptc site absolutely free here"

Now why would you do that? Because it's a huge free traffic machine for your blog! You will get a lot of visitors who want to know some information about a ptc site before joining it and will most likely join it in your post if they feel that your guide is honest and worth trusting in!

Don't forget that to do that, you need a nice seo friendly blog which is maybe not the easiest thing to build. But when I had my newbie blogs and sites, I remember having a few google visitors when I wrote that some scam was a scam so this should work in some cases even for the very simple blogs. A lot of ptc sites are very new and unknown and some are old and not so popular. Write blog posts about them and I'm sure you will get a few referrals for free! Just don't try to go for the big fish like neobux the first thing you do because some blogs are made just to promote that keyword.


PTC Sites meet Twitter !

Did you hear about twitter? I'm sure you did! Twitter is a fast growing micro blog social network where you write small messages in 140 characters.

Now 140 characters is maybe not much and sounds limited in your ears right now but that's wrong and I'm going to explain why. I'm going to tell you exactly why twitter is unlimited unlike many people think when they first hear about twitter and I'm going to tell you how you can promote things without being a spammer! But first, please create a twitter account here and follow me here.

Okey, now hopefully you follow me and I will follow you back as soon as I login to my twitter page again. Following people to get a follow back is usually how people get followers because that's the best way to do so. A lot of people follow everyone back but some people do not like to follow too many people and follow only a few of their followers if any at all. These people who do not follow back are usually the very famous people who do not care if you won't get a followback because they already got so many followers and get a lot of new followers everyday without following anyone back and that's OKEY! Atleast for them. If YOU want followers, you need to always follow everyone back or you won't get any followers or very few. If you ask why, it's simple. Twitter got follow limits and if you won't follow some one back, the following rate of your follower will be back and he will not be able to follow other people.

To get targeted followers you can use twitter search and search for you keyword. If you for example search "ptc sites", you will see a lot of people who talk about ptc sites and that's exactly the kind of people you want to follow if you want responses on your ptc tweets or maybe even referrals! Just follow these people and wait a few days until they follow you back. If they don't follow you back after a few days, go and unfollow them here at friend or follow.

Now when you got a twitter account and you got followers, you need to learn how to tweet! Sure, twitter is great to promote things and all but if you just promote all the time, you won't get any active followers because people will see you as a spammer and will unfollow you. Twitter is all about getting followers that read your tweets and respond or else the whole thing will be useless. 

There are many ways to tweet without spamming but keep in minds these few tips:

1 Don't tweet with links all the time. Sometimes it can actually be nice to read what you do. Please note the SOMETIMES. Unless you are a superstar, you will always have the SOMETIMES.

2 Don't tweet a lot of referral links all the time. This is almost like the one above but about referral links. Tweet less referral links than normal links or people will think that you just try to promote something and do not care to follow back your followers.

3 Don't tweet links to very old ptc sites unless it's some kind of news. Can there be something more annoying than getting a neobux referral link everyday from the person you follow?

4 Always try to keep your followers busy. Ask them questions, report on some news, reply to their tweets and read their tweets. 

5 Tweet as a person not a company. Twitter is all about the communication and if you just read the news like you do on some websites it won't be the same! Why do you think Ashton Kutcher got so many followers? Because he is a PERSON not a COMPANY like BBC and Britney Spears. He also keep his followers busy and communicate with a lot of people.

So tweet as a person, do not spam links, do not spam referral links and try to keep your followers busy. Sure, sometimes you can tweet "Heey, there is a new site in pre launch! Let's join early, it seems like it is sustainable. link". But please note the SOMETIMES. Followers like to read news but not just empty promotions.

And here is something for the tweeple with a lot of followers. Use applications like tweetdeck to keep contact with your real active followers! At twitter all followers count even if they are just spammers. Don't ask me why, it takes too long time to explain so just trust me. Download TweetDeck here and move your active followers to a "Group". That way you will see their tweets in a different box and it will be more easy to follow them.

A lot of ptc sites are using twitter and most of them are really the best of the best like Wordlinx that was one of the very first if not the first PTC site to use twitter. That's why twitter is a very good tool to keep in contact with PTC admins and also with its followers! You can also profit from it in one or another way. In the beginning I told you that I will tell you why/how twitter is unlimited and here it is; you can paste a link! Instead of writing a huge blog post in twitter which is impossible, you can just paste a link into your tweet and describe your blog post in a few words.

I hope this guide will help some one out there and don't forget to follow me @pplinx!


PTC sites and Alertpay

It seems that Alertpay a payment processor very popular in PTC industry is not only having problems all the time but is also trying to improve their service unlike some other payment processors out there!

Here are some of the new features:

* Sending/Receiving payments under 1$ (comming in 4-6 weeks)
* Masspay (I'm not sure if this one wasn't already available but anyway..)
* IPN Upgrade, now sending up to nine IPN posts until they get a confirmation that the servers have received the post.

It seems that soon we will see a lot of ptc sites with no minimum payout or very low using alertpay and paypal instead of just using paypal or maybe even ONLY using alertpay and ignoring the paypal. Let's hope that Alertpay doesn't stop there and keep improving their services.



Twistbux - PTC site that pay

Hello everyone, it's another wounderful GPT/PTC earning day and I found a nice little site called TwistbuX. The site is pretty much balanced to be a bux site and the advertising there doesn't cost much. So I decided to put it on my blog here but here is the problem. Out of ten people, only 3 decided to click ads. Why is that? Are you joining ptc sites for fun? Why register if you won't click?


Anyway, here is a little twistbux guide for you all:

1 Register and activate your account if it's needed by clicking at the link that you received in your email address that you wrote during the registration.

2 Login with your username and password that you entered during the registration.

3 The finaly step in this guide is to click at a link called "View advertisements". After that you just view the websites that you see available and earn money. Is that so hard? ^^

This twistbux site is very good so please give it a try! 

You can join it here and help us both to earn some great cash there and build our downline early.

How to improve alexa rank

Many of you own a blog to promote or maybe some other website for other puposes but one thing is for sure, alexa rank can be very useful in some cases and it's time to improve it!

Alexa rank is a good way for people to check what kind of traffic a site is having and also how popular a site is (more or less) even if the result is not correct. Some adnetworks like Snoork Ads allow only site with alexa better than 1 000 000(?, sorry I don't remember the exact number) and it's really easy to get.

First of all you go to and get the code for alexa banner to your website. This must be done because alexa count  visitors only if they have alexa toolbar installed and most of the people do not. If you paste the code from alexa to your website, all visits that allow alexa javascript and load it will be countedas visitors and therefor your traffic will increase!

When you have copy/pasted the alexa code on your website or blog, you need visits. Alexa ranking is based on amount of visitors and amount of visits (refreshes). That means that one person can visit your website (you) and refresh it several times and each time your site will be refreshed, alexa will improve.  

The method above won't get you huge results and that's why I recommend this traffic method instead. Go and use traffic exchanges! Traffic exchange websites is a place where you visit websites and in return people will visit your website. It takes time but it's free! If you are too lazy you can buy very cheap traffic at ptc sites like pplinx, earneasycash and first5clicks. These ptc sites sell 1000 hits for 0.5-0.6$(Look at the zero in the beginning! It's almost free!).

Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow this blog for more updates and guides!

Attention Aurora Owners!

It seems that there was a bug exploited by some cheaters or hackers in aurora referral shifter.

"I have identified an exploit that effects all versions of auroras.
Some people now know how to use the downline shifter to transfer any number of your available referrals into their account under them. There are usually no logs to show the shift.

I suggest disabling referral shifting immediately on your downline stats page."

Source link: 


New sites added

As you maybe noticed I've removed a few websites because they were giving too low referral earnings and were just not worth advertising and the earnings were not that high either or a site like cafebux because there were no ads for standards for a while now. These sites are still good and paying but are less worth to advertise at this blog than they were before. These sites can still be found under paying GPT sites because that's what they are and I will still post news about them.

But I didn't just remove these sites for fun. I also added some new sites because this blog needed some new fresh sites. I added MyLot a place where you can post and get paid! You can join MyLot by following this link. I also added a new site twistbux that looks very promising and different from the other bux sites. I never add another bux site to this blog list, only the best of the best. You can join twistbux by following this link.

Thanks for reading! =)

PPlinx - refferal earnings bugs

Some people already know and some not but PPlinx is experiencing some referral earning problems. Some people get referral earnings out of nowhere and it all reminds a lot about the TTG (Take The Globe) problem but this time it's without bots.

I run pplinx by myself and I contacted the script brokers who also host pplinx and I got a reply that they will hopefully check it tomorrow and try to find a solution for it.

I personally hope that they can just reinstall the script without losing any data and hopefully the bugs will dissepear but it's a bigger problem if the bug is in the database.

Anyway, don't worry. I won't give up on the pplinx that easy and if it's needed I will put my own money in it again to pay for the bugs. I already spent more than 250$ on the site and giving up now sounds silly to me.


Earneasycash - Surfing bonus !

A while ago earneasycash introduced a new feature for the low value link surfers! Every 5 page you will see a bonus page with 4 doors and each door give you some cash, link credits and banner credits bonus.

I'm surfing right now and it's actually fun to surf these links again!

Also earneasycash created a twitter account a while ago. You can now follow earneasycash at

Don't forget to follow me/pplinx at

Also rumors say that eecash the admin of earneasycash and clickersunion is going to open a new gpt site with a cashcrusader script! It's going to be very interesting. I hope there will be some nice ptp earnings for me ;)

PTC sites - scam or legal business?

Today I would like to write a little about PTC sites. Are they for real? Are all ptc scams? Everyday I see confused people, people who gave up PTC sites because they think ptcs are all scams or because they didn't find a way to earn from ptc sites. With this post I hope to change that kind of thinking or atleast help to change it.

Let's start with the word ptc, what is it? Ptc stands for paid to click. At a paid to click website members are paid to click. There are different kind of ptcs out there and I know several sites with ptc section where you get points for every site visited and you can trade points for different prizes after x points reached but the most known ptc sites are the once that pay real money to members. Real money ptc are popular because people just need to click to earn.

But at ptc sites you can also earn from referrals. Most ptc sites sell referrals and many sites get all earnings from selling referrals. This is where the problem starts. If you want a sustainable ptc, you need to sell advertising. Without selling advertising you will run a ponzi scheme. One cent per click is very hard to have unless you run a ponzi scheme because advertisers won't pay so much for ptc traffic. Those sites that try to have a legit ptc business give almost no referral earnings per click to the upline. Those sites that give some cents per active referral and that's it. They also pay some cash when referrals upgrade but how often does that happen?

Here is how a legit ptc looks like:
*Site must have advertisers
*Site should have price for advertising 10$ or less per 1000 visits.
*Should not have a lot of selfsponsored ads or only selfsponsored ads that refresh every 24 hours.
*Should not have crazy earnings for upgraded members although some sites with a lot of inactive members can survive.

This list is not perfect and does not contain everything that is needed to detect a scam site but it's the basics. If you want a ptc site to survive, you need to find the perfect balance between the; referral sale, selfsponsored ads, memberships cost, advertising prices and referral earnings. Remember that the less referral earnings you get, the less advertising will cost. That's why most of the super sustainable sites got low click value.

There are a lot of legit ptc sites out there, the problem is that the members want high referral earnings and atleast one cent per click and that's when ptc sites fail.

10.5.09 back online!

Now when I went to phoenixpaidemails gpt site, the site is back online and loads. I guess they didn't scam after all but I must admit that I was very scared of that.

I really enjoy this site for some reason although I lost more than 60 cent at coin flip :p - scam?

The was a new very promising GPT site with cash crusader script called PhoenixPaidEmails that was advertised at speedyads, obeus and bidvertiser. It was also promoted at some PTC sites and had a lot of members.

But today when I wanted to login and click some new ads there, I saw that their site was suspended by their hosting company. What does this mean? Are they running away with our money? Were they unlucky with the hosting company? Did the hosting company suspend the site because GPT sites are not allowed to be hosted there? Or maybe the admin forgot to pay for his hosting?

Anyway, this suspended site raise a lot of questions and hopefully we will know some info about this accident very soon.

BuxP - Problem Solved

When I posted last time about BuxP, I told you guys that they had problems with their database. It was a huge lost for me and many other members. I think I lost 8 active referrals but hopefully they will come back now when the database is repaired and the site works again.

And here is a note for fun. When I noticed that the problem was fixed, I also noticed that my premium membership ran out *buhu* for me. But I upgraded some hours ago and I got upgraded membership status again now. So let's click away! There is currently 104 ads available for me and the total ad count is 134!

Let's click it ;)


Template accident

Hi, I was today modifying this blog and did a stupid thing. Before changing a thing in the code I didn't save the template and everything just went wrong after that. I had to upload the old template all over again and copy / paste a lot of the content from the way it was before. Anyway, right now I'm pretty close at getting the old look of this blog so don't worry.

Also if you didn't notice, I removed a few site from the front page. They are still in the "approved gpt sites" but not on the front page anymore because I think they are not worth promoting but definatly worth writing about and that's why they are still on the approved list.

Anyway, have a nice time guys click at ptc sites and I wish you good luck in your earnings. Also don't forget to follow me on twitter, see you there!


The Clix World - AlertPay unlocked

TheClixWorld got their AlertPay unlocked now. Enjoy earning :)

"Today, again we started paying our members through Alertpay as we got our AP account back."

BuxP, Cannot Connect

Hi, there is a problem at BuxP in a few days now. When you surf ads you will get this error message "Cannot Connect".

The admin told us that the database was overheated (still is). So hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Read more about it here:

And here:


Buxp, payment number 9!

Yes, after 1 year it's still paying! I'm a very happy member of BuxP with more than 200 referrals.

BuxP 9

JillsClickCorner, payment number 4

One of the very many underrated PTC sites. JillClicksCorner, still paying ;)

JillsClickCorner 4

Neobux, payment number 6

Yes! Neo is still paying instantly. Probably the only PTC with instant payments together with Wordlinx that won't run away after a week.

Neobux 6

GPTBank payment number 5

Instantly of course and yeaa! I really got paid this much :)

GPTBank 5

pplinx - scam or old trusted PTC?

PPlinx launched a blog

Yes, PPlinx is still here alive and paying, not a f**king scam! To communicate better with better PPlinx expands and launches a blog for updates and webmaster tips. This blog is going to be the main communication platform, traffic will be driven from sociala media sites at Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and of course the forum and massmails. Everything to be legit, not a scam.

Still not scam but 100+ ads available

Today PPlinx is still not scam but there are more than 100 ads available for members to click! Yes, it's true. Last week there were more than 150 ads for standard members and it was crazy! Activity is also growing at the site and the financial state is better than ever. I don't know why PTC-Investigations still keep PPlinx in scam list, guess he is kinda bad at investigating huh? ;)

PPlinx legit not scam after 3 years

Today, 2011, PPlinx is almost 3 years old and legit! Some claim it's a scam but no one actually got scammed by it so far. Just a rumor spreading on the Internet from the haters.

PPlinx continues selling cheap website advertising to advertisers ($1 or $0.5 per 1000 visits). Members are rewarded for visiting sites from advertisers and the payments are made once every two weeks.

Today PPlinx is 1 month old! (2009)

PPlinx is the ptc site I run and no it's not a bux, I don't like ponzis. Anyway, there are a lot of new news from this month that can be found here:
"Link does not exist anymore"

I wouldn't be here writing that my PTC is 1 month old without my members so thanks to you! Currently I'm working on more earnings for you so please be patient if you think the current earning are too low and I'm having some ad blasts when I'm getting some cash from advertisers to boost your earnings because you were actively clicking and supporting me, and PPlinx is not scam :)


Neobux - the best bux going 1 year +

neobux 1 year
Yes, you read it correctly! With a little effort and a lot of job a bux can survive for more than a year! There are several buxes out there that are going to reach it in a few monthes but neobux really made PTC sites a place where you can find a site with high click rates that won't run away after a month. The site is far away from perfect but the admin put a lot of time into the site and is still improving it everyday.

Congratulations to Neobux on its first year online and paying EVERYONE instantly! This is the first PTC sites that started to pay instantly and the first to pay in a year! Another PTC sites that saw the popularity is Wordlinx so I'm pretty sure that Neobux won't be the only one forever. 

Do you have a PTC blog?

If you have a PTC blog, I think you should started getting valid backlinks to improve your traffic that is comming from google but that is of course if you want FREE Traffic.. It's all up to you but I do want Free Traffic and I suggest that you do too! ;)

Anyway, I've found a nice list of free directories with some nice page rank (up to 5) and I'm submitting my site there right now.

Page rank is good to have because it show to google how popular your website is. And if your website is important, google will boost its results and will deliver a lot of free traffic!

Here is the link:

TheClixWorld - Alertpay account locked

There is not really much to say but for some reason AlertPay locked TheClixWorld busines(?) account.

You can read more about it here:

Let's hope it will be solved because the PTC is pretty good so far.

Shortbux, the ptc site that scam

Hi guys, I think it's time for me to write a little about the problem with shortbux and why it should not be supported in anyway.

From the very beginning the wanted to be a nice guy and active forum member. He told that his site was very legit and as good as neobux but with less members and that was fine.

Later when GPTBank joined his site, he limited the referrals (I think it was from like 250-300 to 150?) and people were pissed! A little later he changed the referral limit AGAIN to only 50... Wow, the site can't even pay for 50 referrals.

So all was good and people calmed down but later he even started to fight with his coder. He had some forum fights in some threads but that was all at that time.

After that his coder posted that shortbux was renting out bots and the shortbux admin deny it a lot in many days. After some days he admitted it but edited his posts after some hours although some people already had screenshots of that post.

After that he (shortbux) started to attack a honest site like EarnEasyCash because it was for some reason "Scam" to him. I really didn't get that one because earneasycash is paying everyone.

During this time he also liked to attack other bux owners. And that's realy okey with me if he got a reason.

Later he found a new tactic to get cash. He removed alertpay which means that a lot of asian people won't get paid.

After that he banned several countries (even some in Europe) telling that they are bad etc.

Also during this time many members were banned and even investors. At one time Shortbux admin stopped renting out the bots and one investor had many referrals who stoped to click. He didn't get his referrals replaced because he "already had profit".

After that he had some fight at EMS forum. I'm not sure about what it was but it had something to do with Shortbux, another user, myprobux admin and proxy. I'm sure somebody can find that thread at ems forum. 

The day after that he started to fight against GPTBank by gathering scam admin like IsabelMarco and banning GPTBank. Some one also was spreading emails or pms to other bux admins who allowed GPTBank. No one knows exactly who it was but Shortbux told that he knew and it wasn't him.

So now like 5 bux sites with scam admins deleted ALL members under GPTBank and some sites force to send some identification papers ONLY to people who signed up with GPTBank. 

Some days ago he insulted several countries and basicly told they were retarded or something. He also bashed standard members and admitted that he was running a ponzi. He said that standards have no right to force him to do anything.

So basicly he is running a ponzi, insulting members and countries, not helping people who are already in profit, banning his members to get some cash with "valid reasons", telling that he can do whatever he wants because it says so in his TOS, telling that free members do not have any rights and got a secret project with other scam admit to bring GPTBank down. 

The worst of all is that it's GPTBoycott verified, so go complain so that it will be removed and hopefully get a scam label!


New PTC trend!

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to write something about the new trend of sites with high click rates. PTC sites with high click rates are usually the popular bux sites with 1 cent per click and 0.5 or 1 cent per referral click. But there are also other sites like Clixsense or Wordlinx.

So back to the trend topic.. More and more sites try to survive by having lower click rates so that more people can advertise at these PTC sites. I don't know exactly when it started to happen but I think it was some month ago when every bux site except a very few, were scams and people started to search for more sustainable sites. These sustainable sites were auroras. Aurora is a so called PTC script that is often used for PTC sites with low click rates and that's why people often call sites with low click rates for an Aurora site. While sites with low click rates are called Auroras, the other sites with high click rates are called Buxes. A bux is also a PTC script with usually less security than an Aurora site. There are other sites that do not use Bux or Aurora scripts but about these sites people do not talk for some reason. Maybe it's because these sites do not promise millions after a 100$ investment?

I have joined a few auroras last year but the best one was probably the one called Performancebux. Performancebux is a website built on an Aurora script but the click rates are a bit higher than the common Auroras are having. They were higher than the traditional Auroras were having BUT! They also were lower than the traditional Bux sites were having. I think it was the best designed Aurora PTC site I've ever seen at that time. It loooked exactly like a Bux but still it wasn't. These medium click rates also gave cheaper advertising prices. Normal Bux advertising prices usually look like this "1000 hits = 20$" but Performancebux had them like this "1000 hits = 11$". That's almost 50% cheaper! To understand what this actually means you should know that almost all Buxes are having selfsponsored ads and all the money they are getting from are comming from referrals. But this time Performancebux had a chance to earn from advertisers!

The so called Auroras also became more and more popular. They were cheapest to advertise and sustainable but there were not many active members and the forums were often dead. 

After a while there was a new cool PTC site released called Cafebux. It's still not popular but the idea is pretty cool. What the admin did was that he created a buxy Wordlinx. You could and still can buy 30 and 15 seconds ads that cost from 8.8$/1000 hits 15 sec and 17.6$/1000 hits 30 sec. Referral earnings for stadard were 50% and premium could get 25% from a second referral level.  8.8$ is VERY cheap for a bux advertising. The site also had a very cheap PTSU section that became very popular because of the price and the unique features like choosing how much a person would earn per sign up, etc. Now there are more than 50 PTSU offers available.

Later the refback site called GPTBank joined Neobux and the admin of Neobux started to think. He limited referrals at first and later he even introduced "mini ads" worth 0.5$ per click. This was probably need to keep the site up and paying because let's face it.. Neobux was not sustainable with 20$/1000hits and the only reason it's still up is because of an amazing admin and huge cashflow because of the renting system. This new mini ad feature became later very popular and today you can often see many extra mini ads available at Neobux. Let's hope it will pay for atleast a year more.

Wordlinx, now that's a great PTC. You would think they already had it all but that's not true. Wordlinx is an evolving PTC that always improve and the only thing they got left to improve is the advertising prices. With the economy crises it cost more and more to get less from Wordlinx. But that is probably going to change very soon. Now this is just my personal guess but I think that soon you can advertise at Wordlinx for not more than 5$ per 1000 hits! Why I guessed that? Because they added an extra digit to our account balances and an extra digit to our referral earnings. What comes next, only Wordlinx know but it got something to do with the cheaper advertising.

So don't give up people! Belive it or not but PTC sites evolve and maybe soon we will see more PTC sites that are sustainable and we can earn from. Do you remember that old bux sites had 1 cent per referral click? Do you see it now? Less ad value is more and more popular lately, it's the new trend of PTC movement!

Edit: Sorry, I almost forgot that BuxP was early with 2$/1000 hits advertising. And they sold them and still selling pretty good.