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Twistbux - PTC site that pay

Hello everyone, it's another wounderful GPT/PTC earning day and I found a nice little site called TwistbuX. The site is pretty much balanced to be a bux site and the advertising there doesn't cost much. So I decided to put it on my blog here but here is the problem. Out of ten people, only 3 decided to click ads. Why is that? Are you joining ptc sites for fun? Why register if you won't click?


Anyway, here is a little twistbux guide for you all:

1 Register and activate your account if it's needed by clicking at the link that you received in your email address that you wrote during the registration.

2 Login with your username and password that you entered during the registration.

3 The finaly step in this guide is to click at a link called "View advertisements". After that you just view the websites that you see available and earn money. Is that so hard? ^^

This twistbux site is very good so please give it a try! 

You can join it here and help us both to earn some great cash there and build our downline early.


Deddy Irawan said...

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