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Neobux, Buxp and Revbux scam ptc sites or?

No! They are not scam yet and you can feel free to join them here revbux, neobux and buxp.

A lot of us got a blog at blogspot or maybe wordpress. A lot of us want a lot of traffic to our blogs so that we can get a lot of referrals and be rich the rest of our lives. That is why we also desperatly want free targeted traffic from google and write all kind of posts just to get some kind of attention!

Go and search " Neobux scam " in google and see the result. Did you search yet? Okey, I hope you actually searched that and saw the result. One blog that will appear as the first result is called "neobuxscam". Now you maybe wounder why? It's very simple actually. The first thing a lot of people search before joining a ptc site is if it's a scam. A lot of people go to google and just write "sitename + scam" to see if people are complaining anywhere. This works really good sometimes but many people abuse it (like me, mohaha) to get some traffic to their websites or blogs.

So here I will spoil a nice way to get targeted traffic and maybe even referrals to your ptc sites! Write a post with a title "ptcsitename scam" and write a little introduction to the ptc site you want your free referrals at. Add a hyperlink with your referral link everytime you write that ptc site name in your post and at the end of the post you can write something like this:

"You can join this ptc site absolutely free here"

Now why would you do that? Because it's a huge free traffic machine for your blog! You will get a lot of visitors who want to know some information about a ptc site before joining it and will most likely join it in your post if they feel that your guide is honest and worth trusting in!

Don't forget that to do that, you need a nice seo friendly blog which is maybe not the easiest thing to build. But when I had my newbie blogs and sites, I remember having a few google visitors when I wrote that some scam was a scam so this should work in some cases even for the very simple blogs. A lot of ptc sites are very new and unknown and some are old and not so popular. Write blog posts about them and I'm sure you will get a few referrals for free! Just don't try to go for the big fish like neobux the first thing you do because some blogs are made just to promote that keyword.


Shea said...

Thanks, I signed up with about 5 of the websites listed using your referral link, and I'm following your blog. Another good site I would recommend is Clixsense. You get paid $0.01 per ad (with a basic account). Here is the link:

Admin said...

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EntryBest Online said...

LOL.. your method works! i found your website by searching ptc+scam keyword. Nice way to target traffic. :)

Alexander is my real name said...

Yes, that's how ptcinvestigation drive traffic to his site.

He trick idiots into visiting his site and beliving him :P

Well, I only used this for popular sites once but this guy use it for all sites. Even those that are no way close of being scam.