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PTC sites and Alertpay

It seems that Alertpay a payment processor very popular in PTC industry is not only having problems all the time but is also trying to improve their service unlike some other payment processors out there!

Here are some of the new features:

* Sending/Receiving payments under 1$ (comming in 4-6 weeks)
* Masspay (I'm not sure if this one wasn't already available but anyway..)
* IPN Upgrade, now sending up to nine IPN posts until they get a confirmation that the servers have received the post.

It seems that soon we will see a lot of ptc sites with no minimum payout or very low using alertpay and paypal instead of just using paypal or maybe even ONLY using alertpay and ignoring the paypal. Let's hope that Alertpay doesn't stop there and keep improving their services.



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