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10.5.09 - scam?

The was a new very promising GPT site with cash crusader script called PhoenixPaidEmails that was advertised at speedyads, obeus and bidvertiser. It was also promoted at some PTC sites and had a lot of members.

But today when I wanted to login and click some new ads there, I saw that their site was suspended by their hosting company. What does this mean? Are they running away with our money? Were they unlucky with the hosting company? Did the hosting company suspend the site because GPT sites are not allowed to be hosted there? Or maybe the admin forgot to pay for his hosting?

Anyway, this suspended site raise a lot of questions and hopefully we will know some info about this accident very soon.


Anonymous said...

This is An Scam site,they only paid me two times and all times keep my reddemption money and never process it.
so its 100% scam site

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about them anymore, the site dropped ad value a lot and their ptp rate just was not attractive to me so I quitted it.