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New sites added

As you maybe noticed I've removed a few websites because they were giving too low referral earnings and were just not worth advertising and the earnings were not that high either or a site like cafebux because there were no ads for standards for a while now. These sites are still good and paying but are less worth to advertise at this blog than they were before. These sites can still be found under paying GPT sites because that's what they are and I will still post news about them.

But I didn't just remove these sites for fun. I also added some new sites because this blog needed some new fresh sites. I added MyLot a place where you can post and get paid! You can join MyLot by following this link. I also added a new site twistbux that looks very promising and different from the other bux sites. I never add another bux site to this blog list, only the best of the best. You can join twistbux by following this link.

Thanks for reading! =)