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Cafebux sold to shortbux?

Is cafebux already giving up? There are no ads for a very long time now at cafebux and there is nothing new in a while. So is cafebux giving up on the project with the nice little ptc script the owner made?

Today I saw that shortbux admin(together with his secret scammer friend) offered to buy cafebux in a thread at their forum. The owner of cafebux pmed shortbux but what exactly will happen is still unknown. I will try to post here as soon as I know something about it.

More about it here:


highlights said...

aww, too bad. I hope someone else who is more capable will take over the site. Shortbux is totally bad news.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys for calling my partner a scammer. Really a shame you guys are still complaining about us and still we have been paying until now. We know how to manage PTC sites and everyone knows how hard it is to manage a bux site especially. So instead of writing non sense public comments and trash talking, I would love to see how both of you would manage a site. I'm not going to lose my temper but you guys really need to grow up more.

Anonymous said...

If you mean shortbux, sure he is a scammer and lier. If he is your partner, he is a bad partner.