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The Best PTC Sites - Update

Hello dear readers of the best ptc sites!

I'm glad you all found to this blog and the blog is growing more and more everyday. Today we got 100 hits from different search engines! Please follow us by clicking at the follow link to the right of this post. It helps us more than you think! 

If you are new here, the best ptc sites is the place where I try to find the REAL best ptc sites that are out there. I try to pick ptc sites with stable earnings and sites that are sustainable and won't go scam after two weeks like so many ptc sites out there. I belive that I got the experience to lead the beginners and experienced people to the right ptc sites and help them earning. I also write many updates of the ptc sites that are listed in the list and a few other. So if you are interested, please bookmark or follow this blog to read the future updates and find new best ptc sites that are sometimes added to the list.

Today we celebrate this blog with a new site added to the best ptc sites list! The site is called EarnEasyPTR and the owner is the well known earneasycash and clickers-union owner that goes by the name of EECASH. His new site is based on a cashcrusader script but the design was modified so it doesn't look so crappy. The best thing with this site is that it's more or less like DonkeyMails but instead of giving 5 referarl levels, it gives 3. At DonkeyMails you earn only 5% from your first downline and it's less and less with lower downline level. At earneasyptr you earn 15% from your first referral level, 5% from the second and 1% from the third. Besides that you also get 3 cent for each new referral that just sign up without clicking anything! I belive this will be a great moneymonker for many people out there. This site is much better than DonkeyMails because you can actually get referrals at the third level. I myself still try to get a few referral at the second referral level but only got 3 so far. So go up and join EarnEasyPTR if you like the description of it :) There is also like 4 cent earnings there right now without clicking the low valued ads.

Anyway, happy earning guys and girls!

*edit* and EarneasyCash moved to "Other paying gpt sites" Earneasyptr will replace earneasycash.


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