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Buxp, payment number 9!

Yes, after 1 year it's still paying! I'm a very happy member of BuxP with more than 200 referrals.

BuxP 9


RAJA KOIN said...


Anonymous said...

WOW man you must be rich!!!
How much did yo earn in your life with PTC? 10, 15 USD dollars?? LOL
And how much hours did you spend on it like 200-300 hours??
Quit PTC dude it's not going to make you rich, all the testimonials are shit, PTC is like the noobiest thing on Internet Marketing, it's just a waste of time!
Start reading about CPA and maybe one day you will be rich

Russ Benk said...

Congrats on your payment. I just got paid by BuxP for the 7th time. It is a fine site indeed!