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Shortbux, the ptc site that scam

Hi guys, I think it's time for me to write a little about the problem with shortbux and why it should not be supported in anyway.

From the very beginning the wanted to be a nice guy and active forum member. He told that his site was very legit and as good as neobux but with less members and that was fine.

Later when GPTBank joined his site, he limited the referrals (I think it was from like 250-300 to 150?) and people were pissed! A little later he changed the referral limit AGAIN to only 50... Wow, the site can't even pay for 50 referrals.

So all was good and people calmed down but later he even started to fight with his coder. He had some forum fights in some threads but that was all at that time.

After that his coder posted that shortbux was renting out bots and the shortbux admin deny it a lot in many days. After some days he admitted it but edited his posts after some hours although some people already had screenshots of that post.

After that he (shortbux) started to attack a honest site like EarnEasyCash because it was for some reason "Scam" to him. I really didn't get that one because earneasycash is paying everyone.

During this time he also liked to attack other bux owners. And that's realy okey with me if he got a reason.

Later he found a new tactic to get cash. He removed alertpay which means that a lot of asian people won't get paid.

After that he banned several countries (even some in Europe) telling that they are bad etc.

Also during this time many members were banned and even investors. At one time Shortbux admin stopped renting out the bots and one investor had many referrals who stoped to click. He didn't get his referrals replaced because he "already had profit".

After that he had some fight at EMS forum. I'm not sure about what it was but it had something to do with Shortbux, another user, myprobux admin and proxy. I'm sure somebody can find that thread at ems forum. 

The day after that he started to fight against GPTBank by gathering scam admin like IsabelMarco and banning GPTBank. Some one also was spreading emails or pms to other bux admins who allowed GPTBank. No one knows exactly who it was but Shortbux told that he knew and it wasn't him.

So now like 5 bux sites with scam admins deleted ALL members under GPTBank and some sites force to send some identification papers ONLY to people who signed up with GPTBank. 

Some days ago he insulted several countries and basicly told they were retarded or something. He also bashed standard members and admitted that he was running a ponzi. He said that standards have no right to force him to do anything.

So basicly he is running a ponzi, insulting members and countries, not helping people who are already in profit, banning his members to get some cash with "valid reasons", telling that he can do whatever he wants because it says so in his TOS, telling that free members do not have any rights and got a secret project with other scam admit to bring GPTBank down. 

The worst of all is that it's GPTBoycott verified, so go complain so that it will be removed and hopefully get a scam label!


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Anonymous said...

We appreciate your feedback regarding ShortBux but I am here to assist you further. All members under GPTBank weren't deleted actually, but it depends what happened. Your account is restorable, pass by our live chat or ticket support and you will have it restored within 24 hours hopefully. We aren't scamming anyone and GPTBoycott is giving us back the deal as soon as we remove some few complaints. We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you.

ShortBux Management