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PPlinx - refferal earnings bugs

Some people already know and some not but PPlinx is experiencing some referral earning problems. Some people get referral earnings out of nowhere and it all reminds a lot about the TTG (Take The Globe) problem but this time it's without bots.

I run pplinx by myself and I contacted the script brokers who also host pplinx and I got a reply that they will hopefully check it tomorrow and try to find a solution for it.

I personally hope that they can just reinstall the script without losing any data and hopefully the bugs will dissepear but it's a bigger problem if the bug is in the database.

Anyway, don't worry. I won't give up on the pplinx that easy and if it's needed I will put my own money in it again to pay for the bugs. I already spent more than 250$ on the site and giving up now sounds silly to me.