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BuxP - Problem Solved

When I posted last time about BuxP, I told you guys that they had problems with their database. It was a huge lost for me and many other members. I think I lost 8 active referrals but hopefully they will come back now when the database is repaired and the site works again.

And here is a note for fun. When I noticed that the problem was fixed, I also noticed that my premium membership ran out *buhu* for me. But I upgraded some hours ago and I got upgraded membership status again now. So let's click away! There is currently 104 ads available for me and the total ad count is 134!

Let's click it ;)


Russ Benk said...

BuxP is having trouble with their databases again at the moment. Hasn't affected me in the slightest yet, but I hear some people were unable to login.