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PTC Sites meet Twitter !

Did you hear about twitter? I'm sure you did! Twitter is a fast growing micro blog social network where you write small messages in 140 characters.

Now 140 characters is maybe not much and sounds limited in your ears right now but that's wrong and I'm going to explain why. I'm going to tell you exactly why twitter is unlimited unlike many people think when they first hear about twitter and I'm going to tell you how you can promote things without being a spammer! But first, please create a twitter account here and follow me here.

Okey, now hopefully you follow me and I will follow you back as soon as I login to my twitter page again. Following people to get a follow back is usually how people get followers because that's the best way to do so. A lot of people follow everyone back but some people do not like to follow too many people and follow only a few of their followers if any at all. These people who do not follow back are usually the very famous people who do not care if you won't get a followback because they already got so many followers and get a lot of new followers everyday without following anyone back and that's OKEY! Atleast for them. If YOU want followers, you need to always follow everyone back or you won't get any followers or very few. If you ask why, it's simple. Twitter got follow limits and if you won't follow some one back, the following rate of your follower will be back and he will not be able to follow other people.

To get targeted followers you can use twitter search and search for you keyword. If you for example search "ptc sites", you will see a lot of people who talk about ptc sites and that's exactly the kind of people you want to follow if you want responses on your ptc tweets or maybe even referrals! Just follow these people and wait a few days until they follow you back. If they don't follow you back after a few days, go and unfollow them here at friend or follow.

Now when you got a twitter account and you got followers, you need to learn how to tweet! Sure, twitter is great to promote things and all but if you just promote all the time, you won't get any active followers because people will see you as a spammer and will unfollow you. Twitter is all about getting followers that read your tweets and respond or else the whole thing will be useless. 

There are many ways to tweet without spamming but keep in minds these few tips:

1 Don't tweet with links all the time. Sometimes it can actually be nice to read what you do. Please note the SOMETIMES. Unless you are a superstar, you will always have the SOMETIMES.

2 Don't tweet a lot of referral links all the time. This is almost like the one above but about referral links. Tweet less referral links than normal links or people will think that you just try to promote something and do not care to follow back your followers.

3 Don't tweet links to very old ptc sites unless it's some kind of news. Can there be something more annoying than getting a neobux referral link everyday from the person you follow?

4 Always try to keep your followers busy. Ask them questions, report on some news, reply to their tweets and read their tweets. 

5 Tweet as a person not a company. Twitter is all about the communication and if you just read the news like you do on some websites it won't be the same! Why do you think Ashton Kutcher got so many followers? Because he is a PERSON not a COMPANY like BBC and Britney Spears. He also keep his followers busy and communicate with a lot of people.

So tweet as a person, do not spam links, do not spam referral links and try to keep your followers busy. Sure, sometimes you can tweet "Heey, there is a new site in pre launch! Let's join early, it seems like it is sustainable. link". But please note the SOMETIMES. Followers like to read news but not just empty promotions.

And here is something for the tweeple with a lot of followers. Use applications like tweetdeck to keep contact with your real active followers! At twitter all followers count even if they are just spammers. Don't ask me why, it takes too long time to explain so just trust me. Download TweetDeck here and move your active followers to a "Group". That way you will see their tweets in a different box and it will be more easy to follow them.

A lot of ptc sites are using twitter and most of them are really the best of the best like Wordlinx that was one of the very first if not the first PTC site to use twitter. That's why twitter is a very good tool to keep in contact with PTC admins and also with its followers! You can also profit from it in one or another way. In the beginning I told you that I will tell you why/how twitter is unlimited and here it is; you can paste a link! Instead of writing a huge blog post in twitter which is impossible, you can just paste a link into your tweet and describe your blog post in a few words.

I hope this guide will help some one out there and don't forget to follow me @pplinx!