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pplinx - scam or old trusted PTC?

PPlinx launched a blog

Yes, PPlinx is still here alive and paying, not a f**king scam! To communicate better with better PPlinx expands and launches a blog for updates and webmaster tips. This blog is going to be the main communication platform, traffic will be driven from sociala media sites at Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and of course the forum and massmails. Everything to be legit, not a scam.

Still not scam but 100+ ads available

Today PPlinx is still not scam but there are more than 100 ads available for members to click! Yes, it's true. Last week there were more than 150 ads for standard members and it was crazy! Activity is also growing at the site and the financial state is better than ever. I don't know why PTC-Investigations still keep PPlinx in scam list, guess he is kinda bad at investigating huh? ;)

PPlinx legit not scam after 3 years

Today, 2011, PPlinx is almost 3 years old and legit! Some claim it's a scam but no one actually got scammed by it so far. Just a rumor spreading on the Internet from the haters.

PPlinx continues selling cheap website advertising to advertisers ($1 or $0.5 per 1000 visits). Members are rewarded for visiting sites from advertisers and the payments are made once every two weeks.

Today PPlinx is 1 month old! (2009)

PPlinx is the ptc site I run and no it's not a bux, I don't like ponzis. Anyway, there are a lot of new news from this month that can be found here:
"Link does not exist anymore"

I wouldn't be here writing that my PTC is 1 month old without my members so thanks to you! Currently I'm working on more earnings for you so please be patient if you think the current earning are too low and I'm having some ad blasts when I'm getting some cash from advertisers to boost your earnings because you were actively clicking and supporting me, and PPlinx is not scam :)


pplinx ptc said...

PPlinx is now almost 3 years old! Come on guys, join! ;)

Anonymous said...

Fucking PPLINX ROX! I don't know what some other idiots are thinking about not joining this ptc

pplinx said...

PTC Investigations is shit, long live pplinx!

Anonymous said...

PPlinx is closing now. And you CANNOT earn money by completing offers like signing up on websites (in theory you can, but you don't earn ANY money. And you cannot register in the fórum to make comments. So, in my opinión, it has become a SCAM.